Playing around with cats and pharmacists

Training cats Version 2In an excess of confidence I created a cover for Training Cats, which has been the face of the story for about 6 months. It’s… a cover.

So I got to playing around with the pictures yesterday, and got this. I’m trying to decide if I got to0 exuberant with the gradients. Might have to tone that back, which will unfuzz the lower part of the picture.

Sigh. More fiddling. Or not. Comments?

2 responses to “Playing around with cats and pharmacists

  1. I luv it just as is! You are too hard on yourself…that is great stuff. Hope you go with it. 🙂

    hugs from your fan,

    • Thanks, Jo! I decided to blue it up a bit more at the bottom, and once I squint at it again, will start changing out the cover.

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