Oh hell no

noOh, hell to the no.

This scam is so damned stupid I feel the need to fisk.


Good morning!

Your fiscal information for February 2014 in the attached scan. (I’m anxious to see what I get because I know I did business with a company called Australia Construction!)

PASSWORD 1234  (Ooooh, STRONG!)

You should to write in questionnaire before May 22th, 2014. (Whut?)
Your identification number is: 1324932. (Of course it is.)

Yours very sincerely, Chief accountant. (Who isn’t signing his name.)
+1 (913) 955-30-85 (Because I’m in Kansas too. Not.)

To unsubscribe our notice, please send us email with “Unsub” in subject. (The email didn’t actually seem intended for me, since the addy was a couple letters off. And you want me to confirm you got a live address. Riiiiight.)

No threats found in this notice. Checked by NANO Antivirus. Mon, 19 May (Ooh, I believe you!)

And of course they give me an attachment, called, fittingly enough, Attachment.rar.

RAR is a torrent type file, which could be filled with any damned thing, none of which will be allowed into my system. I’m not entirely sure that I could get it open, although Windows 7 opens lots of things now, but this is Pandora’s box.

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