Wanting Cari Z’s Wanting More

WM200x300Cari Z and I spent some quality time on a project that you’re going to want to read!  Wanting More is the latest from Rocky Ridge Books.


After a late-night rendezvous is interrupted by the partner of the man who hired him, stripper and high-end escort Alex Kidman can’t get James Fitzgerald out of his head. So when James comes to watch him dance a few weeks later, Alex knows it’s time to make his move–but James isn’t comfortable with him if he isn’t paying for his time.

With a Bonus Story: Favorite Dish

With his lover James away on business for three weeks, Alex does his best to distract himself by keeping busy with his work as a chef, but not even the most elaborate meals can keep him occupied when all he wants to do is cook for two. Fortunately James has the same problem, and can’t resist coming home early to satisfy his hunger for Alex.


Cari whips up plenty of heat between a rentboy with serious talent in the kitchen, not to mention the sack, and his lawyer lover. I got to help a little around the edges with the cover and some HTML, but the goodies are all Cari’s and now they can be yours.

Wanting More is now available at All Romance eBooks, Rocky Ridge Books,  Amazon, and Kobo, and coming soon at Barnes and Noble and  Apple. You’ll want some too!

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