Small Gem Sunday: P.D. Singer’s “Tail Slide”

Always nice to know when you’ve entertained someone. The Novel Approach had some kind words for Lon and Corey.

“If you’re in the mood for something lighthearted, doesn’t take itself at all seriously, and stars one shifty little otter and the man who seems his perfect mate, this Small Gem might be just what you’re looking for.

Read the rest at the link below!

The Novel Approach

Tail SlideTitle: Tail Slide

Author: P.D. Singer

Publisher: Rocky Ridge Books

Pages/Word Count: 37 Pages

Rating:4 Stars

Blurb: Fresh powder snow and running water in the Colorado back country call Lon like the moon calls the wolves. Belly-sliding to a good time on the weekends makes up for a workweek at a desk, and meeting Corey adds a whole new level of fun to snowboarding.

It’s easy to slip away for time alone in the woods without raising suspicion, but how’s Lon to entertain himself when bad snow and a worse spill force them off the mountain too early?

Never give an otter a box of Cheerios.

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