This week: news and a guest post from Chris T. Kat

I’ve been kind of quiet lately with blogging, because I’ve been working on so many things that aren’t blog posts. Beta-ing novels. (Not nice to gloat, but I’ve been elbow deep in Z. Allora and Eden Winters books.) Formatting books for print.  (Kate Pavelle’s memoir of leaving Czechoslovakia and her circuitous route to America as a teen was fascinating reading and my first non-fiction layout. Keep an eye out for Cancelled Czech Files: On the Run. Plus Eden’s novelette Highway Man )

And I’ve been building covers.

Piratev3Every time traveling pirate captain needs a sturdy ship. I found some moonlight for The Naughty Maid. Eden found love and a peck of trouble for her captain. The Pirate’s Gamble may pay off. Still working on the cover for Eden’s paranormal romance Same Time, Next Year. 

OCC600x960Dr. Keith Hoyer and Dr. Dante James plus their cats needed to be in one collected volume. Look for the compilation to be available for preorder any day now. I’ll keep you posted on when you can have all eight of the On Call stories in one volume as both ebook and paperback.

PrepWorkv3nudeNormally I don’t recommend cooking in the nude, especially breakfast. Bacon spatters, ack! Jude Marshall and Tommy Bell will be coming soon (yes, that way too, I wrote it into the story. Now get your minds out of the gutter, mine needs the room.) I suspect this cover for Prep Work might get the shaky finger from the sales sites, but if we don’t try, we won’t know.

This cover is all Anne Cain lusciousness, and it’s the face of Chris T. Kat’s newest shifter novel, Secret Energy. Chris will be joining us later in the week with a blog post about the second book of her Shifters series. Join us for some  insider information and an excerpt.SecretEnergyI can’t wait!


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