The Cougar and the Plot Bunny

We hired a new tech at work recently. I wasn’t aware he was coming on board, but I encounter him running the MTS machine (prepacking tablets, an activity I approve of) and he’s kind of cute, if you like them compact and wiry. So I ask a few questions, trying to be friendly, and he tells me a bit about what interests him. He used to race motocross and he flies. With his partner.

That’s cool.  His male partner, he makes sure to tell me. Oh really? Did I just have a plot


waltz into the pharmacy? I shall take notes of whatever little tidbits he lets drop. Discreetly.  He’s looking a bit wary. It dawns on me he must be seeing


I’d like to think I do okay but I have the MU at home and that’s quite enough. He starts volunteering details about his partner.

bunny-cute-8Where’s my notebook? He’s practically plotting my next story.

The more he sees cougarthe more I wish I had my notebook. He’s looking a little wild around the eyes. He goes to great lengths to convince me of his unavailability, because he’s now terrified of 


This is why you have to make every character a composite if you base on a real human being. Because


turned out to be a

Evil bunny

and not even gay.

Dude, you probably won’t recognize yourself in my work, but you are definitely in there.

8 responses to “The Cougar and the Plot Bunny

  1. ROFL you could have reassured the poor guy at some point.

  2. Wait. Was he gay or not? That was an awesome story. It soudned like he wasn’t gey by the end.

    • No, he wasn’t. Within a week he was dating a young woman who also worked there. Poor girl, Oops, wait, I have to say it in Southern. Bless her heart.

  3. LOLOLOLOL SNORT… Funny how few get we don’t want you for us but damn it we have a character who you’d be perfect for… now if you’d just stand still we could get you all measured up and we’ll pair with your one true love (be it a bike rider, ex-con, a virgin zombie or hot rocker)… geez, you’d think we were asking a lot of these bunnies….
    GREAT STORY!!!!! Hugs, Z.

    • Giggle, yes. Some of his elements did make it into a book, and more will surface here and there. However, I didn’t give him a lover, I gave him a tow truck.

  4. I think I’ve read this six times, and I laugh my ass off each time! Awesome post! And awesome photo use.

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