One thing I’m not doin’ rong


I’m on a Stephen King writing advice kick. We’ll see how well I do on several of his firmly made points.

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” Stephen King

Hah-if I don’t have time to read, I make time to read. I’d rather read than do housework, laundry (well, who wouldn’t?) or most other recreational activities. Yes, it’s contributing to the spread of my backside. It’s also contributing to the spread of my mind.

How many books at any given time? Well, I have the next-to-the-bed book. This one’s usually light material, and usually paper. For reading last thing at night and sometimes first thing in the morning. Then there’s the upstairs bathroom book. Also usually paper, probably non-fiction, although I had a Jim Butcher novel in there yesterday, and a couple of Kris Longknife space navy books recently. Kris Longknife rocks every bit as hard as Honor Harrington and Herris Serrano. I like smart, resourceful women in space ships.

The downstairs bathroom book is probably non-fiction, and I dare not lose the bookmarks, because one of them is the MU’s. We will steal a book back and forth from each other and argue about it.

Then there’s the Kindle touch book. Highly likely to be fiction, most probably mm romance. Gotta keep up on that reading, and it rides around with me. Although the Kindle offers anonymity on the actual book I’m reading, there are times reader reaction gives me away. I love the Touch for being out and about: it’s light, the battery lasts forever, and it’s good in sunlight. And I can bookmark those scenes that might be problematic to react to at lunch. **looks innocent**

The Kindle Fire book could be almost anything. Recently I had The Tiger Whisperer by Belea T. Keeney, which turned out awesome: a big cat shelter gets hit by a tornado and one of the tigers gets out into the surrounding suburbia, and hero has to get him back.

Do you have multiple books going, or do you prefer to read one at a time?





One response to “One thing I’m not doin’ rong

  1. Good question. I usually have two or three — in the bathroom and by the bed, usually in print, an audiobook (while cooking, driving, etc.), plus sometimes one on the Kindle. A non-audio book joins me on the exercise bike. They’re often in the same genre, whatever I’m craving that week.

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