Pam Hasalist

tumblr_lr9bw31DIa1qzs75go1_1280You’d think after all these years that I’d know myself better than to make resolutions. The damned things die off in a week or a month, and little changes.

However… If I make a list…

My name at work is Pam Hasalist Singer, and my varied collections of information make me the go-to person for all kinds of questions. [Wait, is this really a good thing?] Also, if I have a to-do list, the sheer joy of checking things off gets me to do things that I would be inclined to blow off. My lists are the only reason the insurance gets paid or the empty milk bottles go in the box.

So, forget resolutions. I will write lists instead. In ink. Make them bright and bold and not to be trifled with. You probably don’t especially want to know about Wednesday: 8 AM Ass in gym, but some stuff you might be more interested in.

The general list to share with you

A) Do stuff
All kinds of stuff. Write things, publish things, design things, try things, succeed at things, fail at things. Failure is always interesting: daring to suck pushes boundaries. And you might succeed.

B) Tell you about stuff I do.
I really do know how to blog and tweet and Facebook (Although FB has been failing me for a while and has more failures in store because they’d like to extract money from me for telling you stuff. ). If I add this to the Saturday list, it will get done. See how easy that was? Fifty-one more times and it will be accomplished.

C) Tell you about stuff I did.
Um, there’s a backlog here.  You have no idea how big a backlog. Which has to do with me doing an awful lot of A and not so much of B.  Add to Saturday list. Or Wednesday list. Or both. There’s a BUNCH.

Let me start with a something that I’m really proud of. This has been months in the making, between Z’s writing and all the other tasks necessary to get the books ready to typeset. PL Nunn created the awesome front covers, and I, the Rocky Ridge Books typesetter, kerned all those angsty, sexy words and wrapped them in purple and teal. Now you can have Z. Allora’s hot rockers on your bookshelf.

DarkAngelsGet your own–these are mine. Mine! Sitting on my black leather sofa like proper rock stars! And Z signed them! Bet she’d sign yours too. 😉

With Wings    |    Tied Together     |     Finally Fallen

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