Too naughty for Barnes and Noble

Apparently I am a p*rn*grapher now.  Second edition of Prep Work, a short romance some of you may have seen with a Dreamspinner line cover, has been given a cooking themed cover. Well, I don’t think he should try frying bacon in that outfit, but all the essentials are covered. Usually no one makes a fuss about man-nipples, and the rest is covered. Kinda. Sorta. But Barnes & Noble and Kobo and Apple think it’s too naughty to sell on their sites. (Never mind that they sell dino-smut.)

I’m not sure if I should appeal, or if I can appeal, or if I should attempt an end run once Prep Work passes the preorder period. Or if I should rethink the cover entirely. I don’t want to do that. Tommy as he appears now is kinda cute.

See the offending cover at Amazon (mobi) or at All Romance eBooks (mobi, PDF, and ePub.) I have to Jan 17 to figure it out.

6 responses to “Too naughty for Barnes and Noble

  1. I’m sorry, but that’s an awesome cover!

    • Thanks, Kage. I thought it was fun for the story, maybe promising a bit too much, but after I got done polishing and sharpening and cropping, I really wanted to use it. And I thought Amazon would be the one to balk, not the others.

  2. It’s lovely, but smuttier than I expected, considering our relative positions on the naughty continuum. Hmm… perhaps it was the treasure trail that tipped things over the edge. And is that a smidgen of pubes lurking in the shadows?

    • Thanks. I don’t really think those are pubes, and I’ve had that pic blown up to absurd proportions. It’s definitely treasure trail though. 😉 I think the darkness is an artifact of me trying to clean up the edge of that frying pan. Why did they have to use the rattiest pan in the kitchen?

  3. I think it’s a fine cover, you shouldn’t have to change it.

    • Thanks. I knew there was a possibility it wouldn’t be acceptable, and I do have a backup in mind, but I like the the strategic frying pan. We’ll see.

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