What do you read on?


And why?

I have a Kindle Touch, which the MU bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago. Love it. Still use it 4-5 times a week. And I have a Kindle Fire, which I won at Gay Rom Lit in Albuquerque (thank you, Total e-Bound!). Read three stories on that one today.

My phone is an Android, and I am a little dim when it comes to adding apps. That’s why I have teenaged boys, right? Does anyone here read on their phone? Or on a tablet? Or do you prefer a dedicated ereader? Not that we don’t still love paper books, but reading material that doesn’t require dusting becomes ever more attractive.

Tell me what you prefer to read on. Or is it a tossup between several devices?

16 responses to “What do you read on?

  1. I’ve had the original Kindle, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire and Kindle Paperwhite. Absolute favorite hands down is the Paperwhite. Awesome battery life, you can organize on it and fully adjustable with font and screen brightness. Following that would be the Touch. Easy to use. The Fire was really awful for me as an ereader. No organization and the battery life sucked. I have the Kindle app on my Android phone so I always have it handy just in case I don’t have my Kindle. You never know! 🙂

    • Sounds like you’re a walking product testing station. The Fire really does have sucky battery life. I need the Kindle app **hunts around for a teenaged son** because I had my phone at the DMV and was reduced to playing Loops.

  2. I read on my phone with the Kindle app. Why carry another device just to read?

  3. My favourite reader at the moment is my Kobo Aura, and I basically only wanted that one for the built in light (which isn’t backlight, but … not sure how to explain it). And I love that little light. I’ve set it to 1% brightness, and that is more than enough for me to read it in bed in the dark (or in the car when hubby is driving).

    The 1% may not seem much to anyone, but I’m very light sensitive, so any screen I own is mostly turned down as far as I can get away with on the brightness scale.

    Before that I had (well… still have it, I call it my work-reader, because I use it for critting/editing) a Sony Prs-1. (the lovely red one in your picture). Love the reader… but the light included in the cover is just a little night-light thingy that you have to point at the page, which creates some glare that hurts my eyes and makes it hard for me to read, so when the Kobo Aura was for sale at a local shop, I bought it.

    I rarely read on my phone, mostly because of the brightness, but also… why let it eat away my battery life when I have a perfectly useable ereader in my bag at all times 🙂

    I read on my PC screen when I’m too lazy to turn a short story into an epub, or don’t want to wait reading it. But mostly I just turn everything into an epub and transfer it to my ereader 🙂

    These days I even prefer ereader to paperback when reading in bed, because paperbacks are just not comfortable to hold, you need two hands to turn the pages (well… I do…kudos to those who don’t), and… it doesn’t come with a handy built in light (and my night light is attached to the back of my bed, so not for reading…)

    • I’m with you on the “carry the ereader.” My phone’s always going dead as it is. Interesting about the degree of light control on your Kobo.

  4. I read on a Sony e-reader, but if understand correctly they will stop with producing e-readers. It has a long battery life and no backlit screen. I only use an e-reader to read because I get a headache from reading too long on a screen that is backlit and I do not have the space for paperbacks 😛 And yes, no dust is also a big advantage!

    • I don’t know about the ereaders, but they’ve folded the Sony bookstore into Kobo, so stopping the hardware might be next. As long as you don’t have trouble getting books, use that device until it drops if you like it.

      Long battery life is a definite plus.

  5. I use the Kindle app on my phone to read on work breaks, and what I really like about that is when I’m home and reading on the cloud reader, I’m taken to the last place I left off no matter which device I read from. I recently received a lovely Kindle as a gift that’s purse-sized, so I’ll be using it a lot too. My Nook is now just for checking formats before uploading books.

    • I really need to get my phone up and running as a reader. Even though teh screen size makes it seem weird. My one try with a PDF had the obvious drawback of the fixed format/font size/screen size. Reflowable text rocks.

      I hadn’t thought about the sync of files between devices. Enjoy the Kindle.

  6. In a normal book 🙂 In a child’s one because I’m a child

  7. I love books in any media and have a tiny library of sorts with paper ones, which I keep adding to. But in the last three years or so, most of my reading has been on an iPad. Usually in the ePub or mobi file format. Sometimes in PDFs. It’s just convenience of buying a new book, reading reviews or browsing without fear of spoiling the pages/ spine should you decide not to buy.
    It takes less space when I travel. When I read just before sleeping I can do so without the light. Plus when I read to my kid in bed I can read and scroll/ flip with one hand while the kiddo goes to sleep on the other. I can even let her see illustrations without changing my position or hers. And if she puts grubby hands on the ‘pages’ they wipe off easily!

    But the smell of a fresh book… Aaaaaah!

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