A bit of Disney subversion

I came across a list of Disney movies that “had been forgotten,” and why. (It’s here if you want to see how many of your favorites they dissed.) One entry I took exception to was Fantasia 2000.

I liked the original Fantasia well  enough, but I liked Allegro non Troppo better. That was more crudely animated, but it had a running plot and some amazing sequences. The march of evolution to the strains of Ravel’s Bolero was and remains genius. But when Disney came out with Fantasia 2000, I was in heaven.

They used some of my favorite pieces in ways that blew me away. Whales swimming in the clouds to The Pines of Rome. A Depression-era happy ending story for Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. And the flamingos.

I love me some flamingos. I love me some individualism. And I love Camille Saint Saens. (One of his symphonies forms the music for “Babe”, another of my all time favorites, and due for a rewatch.) So how could I not love this?

Go, yo-yo flipper. Don’t let the others make you abandon what you love.

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