The Implosion of Plan B

Okay, I was reading through the latest pebble on Mt. TBR. The author said I could share. 😉

This is from EM Lynley’s latest, One Marine, Hero, now out from Dreamspinner.

EM 1 marinePLAN B lasted until the following day.

Tom Withers, Features Editor, came into Beau’s cube just before lunch. He had the beautiful envelope with the presidential seal in his hand and presented it to Beau.

Beau looked at it, then up at Tom, who was leaning against one wall of the cubicle. “I don’t understand.”

“Looks like it was a mistake. But the White House won’t let Mike Beaumont use this invitation. Apparently it’s some security thing. You have to show up with your own invitation because the Secret Service has to do a basic background check on you in advance. They check ID and everything.”

“So I get to keep this as a souvenir of the party that almost was?”

“The White House Social Secretary called to apologize after Mike questioned the error.” Tom grinned. “‘Questioned’ is actually a polite word. But she wanted to apologize to you. In fact, she felt so bad about the error, you’ve been added to the guest list. You’ve got an official invitation. Follow the directions to RSVP. Mike Beaumont will receive his own invitation.”

“Good thing he doesn’t have to rely on his charm to get one.”

“Agreed. He’s not that charming,” Tom replied in a dry tone.

Having an awesome boss like Tom was one reason Beau had come to love this job so much. “I didn’t want to point that out.”

“He’s a good reporter. Better when he doesn’t have to talk to real people. Anyway, the social secretary was impressed with how you handed it over. She thought your gesture was charming, and worthy of an invitation.”

Beau’s spirits brightened further. Maybe he would get to dance with the president. “I’ll tell Laney the good news.”

“But speaking of charm…. Try to watch what you say. Mike Beaumont reported you for sexual harassment because you flirted with him.”

Beau recoiled. “It wasn’t real flirting—more like a defensive maneuver. Am I in trouble?”

Tom shook his head. “Hell no. His editor was laughing when he mentioned it to me. But you’ll have to do an all-day sensitivity training course next week.”

“Lesson learned.” Beau stopped smiling and nodded. “Thanks.”

Tom left and Laney flounced into Beau’s cube. “Sexual harassment? What a dickhead!”

“I’m probably prohibited from using the word ‘dick’ in the office, so you summed up my thoughts.”

“How about if I’m your spokesperson when you need to say something with a sexual connotation. At least until someone else complains?”



Nothing like starting with a whoops. Got it on the Kindle now, and I’ll be reading the rest tonight.

Get yours:  Amazon —  All Romance —  B&N —  Dreamspinner Press



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