Must-read Romance at USA Today

otter chaos (1)I am thrilled and humbled to have Otter Chaos included on the USA Today’s Recommended Reads of 2015.

Um, also giddy and hyperventilating and totally dependent on spellcheck if I can remember to run it because I can’t type while I’m hyperventilating.

Also hyperventilating for Kayla Jameth and Kate Pavelle, who are dear friends as well as amazing authors, and for LC Chase whose writing rocks, and for… Just OMG. There are some fantastic books here from some amazing authors. USA today rec 2015

Go see the whole list online, because Becky Condit has exquisite taste in M/M romances!

And your copy of Otter Chaos can be had here:  Rocky Ridge BooksAmazon, All Romance eBooks,  Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

2 responses to “Must-read Romance at USA Today

  1. Awesome! Well deserved!

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