Why did the bear walk into the bar?

Bear200x300 Please welcome Eden Winters, whom you all know as one of my favorite authors. In honor of her new, very sexy, quite erotic release in the Naked Tails universe, I asked her to spend a few minutes telling us about the book. Which is sexy. Very, very sexy.

Here’s Eden to tell us how she gets her inspiration from unlikely sources.



My “shiny” is information. I’ll spend a lot of hours not writing while I pursue the details of this or that if it’s caught my interest. My education isn’t terribly formal, but I’m dangerous at Trivial Pursuit.

My second most dangerous lure is a challenge. Some folks just know how to push my buttons, teasing me to write something I hadn’t even thought of. Bear shifters hadn’t crossed my mind until someone poked. Poked hard. Or erotica: I like plots. But people poke.

Cross these two quirks and the next book I write comes out with a title like “A Bear Walks Into a Bar.”

Three quirks—because what was supposed to be an erotic romp went and grew a plot on me. Then all sort of tidbits I’d picked up while writing Naked Tails surfaced. Things like animal group names and behaviors. Throw in my experience in construction, adoration for Harleys, and love for the Rocky Mountains, and the plot takes a certain shape.

The society itself, a hierarchy of different shifter groups cobbled together for the greater good, lives under the direction of the lone bear shifter on the mountain. The animal qualities of these shifters run very close to the surface of their human forms. The wolves would overthrow Sawyer if given half a chance, and the elk want to hone in on his territory for reasons of their own.

In stroll four young shifters: a bear, two wolves, and a fox, cast out from their families and having only each other. For Dillon, Kevin, Jerry, and Brad, sex is comfort, bonding and fun.  Meanwhile, Sawyer uses sex for discipline, reassurance, punishing, and to establish pecking order.

Why yes, there were days where my pursuit of the shiny led me to learn about bonobo apes.

This story was originally intended as a sexy bit of fun, but the characters took on characteristics like loyalty and caring, deviousness and determination, ambition and neediness. Sawyer found himself with his paws full, not just of four young shifters who needed help, but a mountain of creatures with a common enemy in the humans they sometimes resemble. Another bear, wolves, elk. We have some cameos from badgers and bobcats, and the cougars remain a distant danger.

And yes, somewhere, a possum faints.


Thank  you, Eden, and thank you for this snippet of Sawyer and crew.


Bear200x300Sawyer growled, “I’m going to take care of four shifters who haven’t asked permission to cross into my domain.” Besides, the elk might have sent them, and the message he’d gotten only said four shifters, not what kind. They must be desperate or stupid.

“I still don’t like you traveling alone.”

No, you don’t like not knowing what I’m up to. Sawyer’s fist and Rudy’s face were seconds away from meeting again. Sawyer cracked his knuckles.

Rudy winced, but persisted. “You’re the last bear on the mountain. As you said, maybe I can lead the wolves, but do you think for a moment that the deer, beavers, otters, coyotes, and foxes will accept my lead if you don’t come back?” The Lobo folded his arms across his designer-shirt-clad chest. “The possums are stubborn, you know.”

“So growl at them, and when they fall over and play dead, make any decisions before they come to.” Sawyer so did not need this shit right now.

Rudy tapped his foot. In alternate form he’d have his ears laid back, snarling.

“I’m just going to take the long way home. You and the guys go on ahead.” Sawyer added the sinister smile known to get him his way—and make the rabbits shit their pants. “Leave the lights on for me.” What he really wanted was to get laid—repeatedly, to tide him over while he stayed close to his den and spent most of his time sleeping, and waking up with the hard on from hell with only his own paw to solve the problem. Damned hibernation.


“No buts, Rudy.” Sawyer turned up the heat, physically driving Rudy back with shifter energy. “You’re the leader of the largest predator group under my protection, and my employee. You keep the business going when I can’t be too visible. I need you. But at the end of the day, my word is law, got it?” If not for the weight of responsibility, they might have been friends.

Sawyer couldn’t afford friends. Rudy hadn’t been party to the extermination of Sawyer’s clan, but he was still a wolf.

Rudy nodded, eyes downcast. Asswipe needed to alpha up before some upstart kicked his butt and seized power—like Brian.

Of course, that might prove interesting. This close to winter, Sawyer’s animal instincts were spoiling for either a good fight or a good fuck, and wasn’t too particular about which.

“Where exactly are you going? Would you at least tell me that?”

“A town nobody’s heard of about thirty-five miles from home.” If Sawyer needed to hide, he’d find a similar out of the way spot. Too bad this particular spot sat on the border between elk and predator. Just because they lived off vegetation didn’t mean his rivals weren’t a threat—an expert marksman had joined the herd a few years ago. He’d been tough and stringy, but ceased being a problem.

Conversation grew impossible when Sawyer fired up his bike. Mother Moon, but he loved the rumble of the big Harley between his thighs, the wind on his face, tempting his sensitive nose with a million different scents: moss, pines, rabbit, clover, chicken barbecuing on a grill at a campsite downhill, all awaiting him once he reached his mountain.

Fluffy clouds overhead cast shadows over the scenery, and the crisp scent of snow drifted over the highest mountaintops. Colorado. No greater place existed on earth.

Occasionally he caught a whiff of human emotions: anger, fear, sorrow, lust. Especially lust.

Damn, he needed to get laid.


Thanks, Eden! Good to know that Sawyer gets what he needs. Boy does he get what he needs.

Find the rest at Rocky Ridge BooksAll Romance e-BooksAmazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo, and settle in for reading. You can get your favorite file type (mobi, epub, or pdf) and print.




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