Recent adventures, or what happens in Vegas, Part 1

Hi, all!

This last month has been kind of strange, between all the bits of life and a week long trip to Las Vegas for RT.  That’s Romantic Times, and if you’ve never seen 3100 avid bookhounds in one place, you’re an RT virgin too. Sometimes I thought they were all in line at once.

This was my first time, and it was an amazing experience, what with seminars conducted by amazing authors and industry professionals, and parties where we danced into the night. So much fun!

While we were in Orlando, our Dreamspinner darling Poppy Dennison coached the RT virgins on what to expect, which I greatly appreciated. A side effect was a major panic attack over my wardrobe, which, shall we say, is a bit unsettled right now. I recently did the KonMari thing and got rid of everything that either didn’t give joy or didn’t fit, which was a killjoy by itself. Consequently, the drawers and closet weren’t providing a lot of inspiration, because I tend to the very casual. Maybe I should rephrase that as “I’m doing well to be dressed top and bottom, with shoes that match.”

The solution was tagged several times on Facebook, thereby inadvertently giving the impression I didn’t change clothes for a week, unless you look carefully and notice sleeves, lace trim, and long hemlines appearing and disappearing. I trimmed the all-black ensembles with a shawl given to me by the incomparable Z. Allora. Her birthday gift to to me was a lovely rainbow pashmina. Since rainbows define what we’re all about, she kept me stylish, and depending on the room, warm. The AC was a little erratic.

Between the hair and the shawl, I think everyone knew who I was. Thank you, Z!

PD Singer's rainbow pashmina shawl


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