Phone scam to beware of

no This one’s new(ish) and insidious, because it can sneak up on even the vigilant.

Let’s say a telemarketing call slips through. (This is happening more and more, in spite of the Do Not Call lists. A rant for another time.) And you have someone all apologetic for “headset trouble” and “Can you hear me now?”

Hang up.

Do not say “Yes” or anything else. Just nope on out of there. Because there is nothing good to come of this.

The caller is trying to elicit a “Yes” to be used out of context in forming what they will claim is a verbal contract. These are enforceable in some states, and that’s why they’re playing all bumbling with their equipment. All they need is that one “Yes” that’s indisputably you to edit in.  You agreed they’re audible, but they’ll claim you agreed to pay for something. Even if you say “No, and fuck off” once they’ve offered cruises and time shares and other iffy deals, you may find yourself with an invoice they’ll fight hard to make you pay.

This can get unwrapped, with time, money, possibly lawyers, but in some states, if it sounds like a verbal contract, it may go against you. Then it’s a pay or suffer (more) situation.

Meet all “Can you hear me?” calls with a dial tone and possibly an upraised middle finger.

If it turns out your long lost Great-Aunt Gertrudis was really having trouble with her phone, she’ll call back.

3 responses to “Phone scam to beware of

  1. So, this happened to me about 15 minutes before I read this. D’oh. Off to report it to my state’s Department of Commerce. Thanks for the head’s up.

    • I’ve had two today, both from local numbers, which I think are being spoofed. They’re finding ways to get around the Do Not Call list. What’s pissing me off is I’m getting calls on my cell, when it’s usually the landline. Why yes, I have a land line; it makes the fax machine go.

      I’m going to let everything unidentified go to voicemail.

  2. We learned the hard way at work to never give an affirmative answer. Scary that it’s happening at home.

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