A bundle of goodies, including Spokes


What a collection! Romantic suspense — the bundle organizer swore Spokes is plenty suspenseful. Or maybe the burning rubber is bicycle tires at fifty miles per hour? But still, enough adrenaline to keep your heart pounding.

Some good stuff here: you all know Eden Winters’ Diversion series is great reading, plus some goodies from our buddies Devyn Morgan, Olivette Devaux and  Kate Pavelle, and a new to me author, J Roxem. So you know I”ll be plowing through my copy ASAP.

Get the bundle at the new release price: some crazy person priced this collection at $0.99, but that isn’t going to last. I have no idea how long, either, so don’t wait.

What you get:

1. “Flux” by Olivette Devaux
2. “Diversion” by Eden Winters
3. “Being Here : an M/M Novel” by Ada O’Flaherty & J Roxem
4. “Uniform Speed” by Devyn Morgan
5. “Treading Water” by Kate Pavelle
6. “What Happened Then : an M/M novel” by Ada O’Flaherty & J Roxem
7. “Spokes” by P.D. Singer
8. “Body Heat” by Devyn Morgan

Where to get it? Your favorite retailers, plus BundleRabbit, where good books come in big packages.

Amazon |  Barnes & Noble | Kobo |  AppleBundleRabbit


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