A Snippet of Otter Chaos

It’s Snippet Day!  I’ve chosen a chunk of Otter Chaos for you, because my mind’s on shifters.  Eden Winters and I will be launching a bear shifter book  soon.  Next week you might be getting a snippet of bears. 😉

Otter for this week–Corey’s getting a lesson in how differently otter shifters and humans think.

Long minutes passed without a glimpse of underwater otter, leaving the wind and cold to play with Corey. He needed the two-footed, talking version of his boyfriend in order to discuss anything complicated. He hadn’t realized the koi pond would be one of those complicated things.

Which was stupid. When Corey offered to build a koi pond in the back yard for Lon’s once a week shifts into otter form, he’d been thinking outside. And once in a while. Not home spa for mustelids. Or sushi for breakfast.

Lon hadn’t lied to him either. He’d accepted the offer with wonder in his eyes and a bit of drool. “I’ve never eaten a koi,” Lon said, and moved in.


Find the rest here.

To find more fun snippets from other authors, check the Rainbow Snippet group on Facebook.

11 responses to “A Snippet of Otter Chaos

  1. LOL. Love Lon’s reply. 😁 Poor Corey, though.

  2. Lon is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters. I wish you would write more about him.

  3. LOL! This is adorable, disturbing, and yet sounds exactly right for an otter shifter! 🙂

  4. LOL! Fun snippet that gave me some much needed giggles.

  5. THat’s fun. An otter shifter sounds like a riot.

  6. Classic. Indoor spar and sushi. That’s some koi pool

    • The koi pond is about 14 feet across and 5 feet deep: Corey and Lon have done a lot of digging in the back yard.

  7. To koi, or not to koi…that is the question! 😉

  8. Oh dear, they were speaking the same language but not understanding each other. Great snippet, P.D. 🙂

  9. Hahahaha! Oh, dear. Sounds like Corey has some work cut out for him to understand Lon.

  10. Otter Chaos was so much fun. Great snippet.

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