Diving Deep at the Rainbow Awards

How to make Pam happy in one easy step: feedback from a happy reader. Or maybe readers. I hardly know, except that these comments came from a judge at the Rainbow Awards. 

“This book has two things that are the most important to me – the intriguing characters and the plot. Lee and Bobby were interesting, both as individuals and as a couple. And I was really glad that they talked to each other about their problems and misunderstandings. Also, there wasn’t insta-solution for Lee’s problems and I’m grateful of it.”

And there was an icon to go with the kind words. Which makes my heart go pitty pat.

While I’d sent the book in some time ago, hearing anything back this soon was boggling. I’m rather fond of this book, even though it was definitely a hard book to write in some ways. When an author talks about sitting in front of the keyboard and bleeding, my relationship to this book is what they’re describing.

So the recognition is especially sweet. Makes every drop of blood that hit the page worthwhile.

Thank you, Elisa Rolle, for all the hard work that goes into the Rainbow Awards. You are a rock star.


Adventure, danger, passion. A heady mix that only a select few can breathe—and live.

Standing by while his lover tempted fate deep under the Atlantic drove Lee Preston into the bottle. The pain of watching his captain drown in a sea of booze sent elite wreck diver Bobby MacArthur running.

Lee chases whiskey the way Bobby chases adrenaline. The farther apart they stay, the better off they’ll both be. And if Bobby repeats those words often enough, he might start believing them. Now his former partner is calling to his diver soul with the promise of the find of a lifetime. Every crazy chance he takes underwater is safe compared to coming back, but if Lee’s turning his life around, Bobby will haul his gear back aboard the Bottom Hunter.

But not as lovers—yet—and no booze, no wild gambles two hundred feet below. Not even to identify a missing piece of history sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic. Fate has given them a chance to redeem what was lost, if they survive.

But the sea is jealous of her secrets, and the price of her treasures is high.

Dreamspinner  |  Amazon  |   Barnes & Noble  |  Apple


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