Seventy-nine pounds of pets

I updated my biography the other day. It used to read “X# pounds of cats.”  No longer, because the Singer household has expanded beyond cats.

This wasn’t a planned or anticipated change. When one has an in-law for every purpose, (I have, oh, I think, 759 in-laws), one should figure in “the in-law that turns your life upside down.” One of my brothers-in-law (BIL #24, or #25) had a situation where his pets needed a temporary home for an indefinite future.

I didn’t expect to have a temporary kitty. I CERTAINLY didn’t expect to have a temporary doggie. In fact, the last time I had a doggie at all, I was a sweet young thang of twenty-two, and, erm, that was a while ago.

So I know next to nothing about being a dog-mom, and needed to learn fast. I may not be good at it by now, but my fur-child is forgiving, and loving, and we do pretty well. When I’m not freaked out about being loved and needed more than my infant humans, now young men six feet tall, needed me. The babies didn’t spin around knocking things over out of sheer delight in seeing me.

To be this much of any creature’s world is humbling. I strive to be worthy, as I did when the small people who sprang from me began their journeys.

This is fifty-six pounds of my household pets. Darling Zoe. I didn’t know what  joy  you  would  bring  to  my life.

One response to “Seventy-nine pounds of pets

  1. Awwwwww I adore my cats, but there is just something so joyful about a dog!

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