Revving up for reissues

Due to what can only be called a monumental muddle, some of which is mine, it’s taken me a while to get my Dreamspinner titles back up and running.

Success is on the horizon!

My cover artist has been busily crafting some lovely new faces for the Mountain books, and the novels are pretty well nailed down.  Found some hotties, she did.

Starting this coming Friday, February 29, they’ll be coming back up!

Here’s a little teaser:

Yes, that’s Kurt! Quite the hunk, no wonder Jake’s smitten. He’s equally Rawr on the Fire cover, but the shadows on the teaser worked out strangely and I only want you guys to see him at his very best. Which means the whole cover. Can you wait until Friday?

So let me give a little shout-out to Charli Childs, who did her magic to put faces on these books.

So, we’re on our way back into the Rockies, not just with these stories, but with more to come.

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