Poke the bear, poke the bear, poke the bear–run!

I’m told this is a regional phrase, but I bet you get the gist. And it’s a big chunk of the book coming out in the not too distant future. Tim and Carson aren’t intentionally agitating, (Well, Carson is, kind of) and it does remain to be seen how fast they run and in which directions.

New book is not just on the horizon, it’s available for preorder as an ebook most everywhere. The paperback could be on your doorstep in a day or two, if you don’t want to wait until March 15, when the ebook goes live.

Running to Him is the first book in a new series. You’ll meet several guys who work at Monument Pharma, or would like to. Tim and Carson are the first to get their own story, and their own bottle of ibuprofen, because my goodness do they have a headache to deal with. I’d like to say Lorraine is beyond, but alas, I’ve been hanging out in corners of the internet where she isn’t even a 3 on the scale of 1 to 10.

So I wrote her to get her out of my system, and everyone around her gets some love. Because of course they do. I wouldn’t write it any other way.

Fresh out of college with a chemistry degree, Tim Ratliff’s desperate to move out on his own. He yearns for his own home, his own rules, and the freedom to find the kind of man he’s always dreamed of for his first ever boyfriend.  Tim’s applied at every laboratory he can find, but his job search is coming up crickets.

Monument Pharma would be his dream job, and Lorraine in Human Resources swears he’s a shoo-in to be hired. Wonderful, except that’s the one job he dare not take.

At thirty-three, Carson Eddinger’s life is just about perfect—a great position at Monument Pharma, nice home, sweet ride—except for the no boyfriend part. And the constant sniping from the woman in Human Resources.

She isn’t just a thorn in Carson’s side at work—she’s also Tim’s mom, and she has a white picket fence plan for Tim that definitely doesn’t involve a happy ever after with Carson.

They’ve poked the bear. Now they have to outrun it.

Ebook now on preorder at Rocky Ridge Books,  Barnes and NobleKoboApple, and other retailers. Paperback available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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