Peak by peak…

The Mountains are returning.  Fall Down the Mountain is up at Amazon, and it’s in KU, as well as available for your permanent library.

Back in print just today– Mark and Allan’s novel!  Yeah, I jumped the gun a little on getting one of the shorts up first, but since the shorts are a little fluffier… Okay, for Sugar on the Mountain, a lot fluffier. It’s fun. (And free. Enjoy!) I have a cover for Storm on the Mountain, and a cover model for Cross the Mountain, but to know how Mark and Allan got to that point, you want to read the novel.

Fall Down the Mountain picks up with Mark after the events of Snow on the Mountain, but if you’re starting here, you’ll still know exactly what’s going on. Plus we have different lead characters. Kurt and Jake show up (boy do they…) but as  Mark’s friends, and same with Jorey Taylor, big as life and twice as het, or so he thinks. Yup, Jorey will get a book one of these days.

So join us at Wapiti Creek, for some action, adventure, a bit of hot cocoa, and some Mark and Allan loving.

Just a note, the paperback will be available just as soon as the printers can ship.  It’s a problem across the board, current events being what they are, but you can have all the ebook and audio you like right now.

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