Phone scam to beware of

no This one’s new(ish) and insidious, because it can sneak up on even the vigilant.

Let’s say a telemarketing call slips through. (This is happening more and more, in spite of the Do Not Call lists. A rant for another time.) And you have someone all apologetic for “headset trouble” and “Can you hear me now?”

Hang up.

Do not say “Yes” or anything else. Just nope on out of there. Because there is nothing good to come of this.

The caller is trying to elicit a “Yes” to be used out of context in forming what they will claim is a verbal contract. These are enforceable in some states, and that’s why they’re playing all bumbling with their equipment. All they need is that one “Yes” that’s indisputably you to edit in.  You agreed they’re audible, but they’ll claim you agreed to pay for something. Even if you say “No, and fuck off” once they’ve offered cruises and time shares and other iffy deals, you may find yourself with an invoice they’ll fight hard to make you pay.

This can get unwrapped, with time, money, possibly lawyers, but in some states, if it sounds like a verbal contract, it may go against you. Then it’s a pay or suffer (more) situation.

Meet all “Can you hear me?” calls with a dial tone and possibly an upraised middle finger.

If it turns out your long lost Great-Aunt Gertrudis was really having trouble with her phone, she’ll call back.


Happy New Year


Alas, All Romance eBooks, we loved you well

All Romance eBooks was the site of my very first ebook purchase back in 2008, and I’m sad that the book I bought four days ago will be the last I’ll get there. Diversity in the selling environment is good: diversity in formats offered is also good.  We’re losing an important force in diverse venue and formats.

The announcement has just gone out that ARe is shutting their doors at the end of the month, which is only a few days away. Please, if you have books there, purchased but not downloaded, go download them while the archive still exists.

I’m even sadder the author of my latest purchase is not likely to be paid, or only paid a pittance.  ARe has already contacted authors and publishers that they’re unable to pay proper fourth quarter royalties. Indies have been offered ten cents on the dollar. Publishers such as Dreamspinner will duke it out for different terms, an advantage of having enough sales to warrant a lawyer to discuss the matter.  ARe hopes out loud to avoid bankruptcy and begs our indulgence in forfeiting 90% of the moneys owed to help them avoid this fate.*

Which sounds laudable, like we’re all friends helping friends, right? Except, this was a business partner, that was my money (and money belonging to other authors) they just suggested keeping, and their management issues are beyond any of our control. I’ve maintained my part of the business relationship with them: I buy bought books there expecting the authors to be paid their share, and sold books there, expecting to be paid mine.

Sales have dropped substantially there in the last few months, something I attributed to not having a new release via Rocky Ridge Books there in a while. This changed recently–with a Dreamspinner title, Diving Deep.  It pains me to ask someone not to buy a book, rather, please go through Dreamspinner directly, or Amazon, Apple, B&N, or Kobo: they’re reliable business partners.

It pains me even more deeply to take books down from sale, but given this announcement, I don’t have a lot of choice. Any of my books purchased through ARe since the beginning of October will probably never benefit me. I don’t know what will happen if I don’t accept their offer. The sum is small enough to make the experiment.

bnd-v4-200x300I am leaving The Boy Next Door up for the duration. This one is free, and my gift to readers.

I’m just sorry the duration will be so short.  December 31.

*Distilled (and tone sweetened) from a letter containing a stern injunction not to quote accurately.


Happy Holidays ! Have a giftie!

I hope you’re enjoying your winter holiday, whatever it may be. Right now we have the floor filled with Chanukah presents, the Christmas dinner is in the oven, and we’ve been on the phone with relatives all over the country.  We’ll light the candles when our sons come home from distributing holiday presents and cheer to their friends.

I have a gift for you, which I must thank Kate Pavelle aka Olivette Deveaux for assisting with. I wrote a holiday shortie for Lee and Bobby, and she graciously turned it into an ebook and arranged for easy download.

divingdeep-200x300Bobby and Lee had a lot of holidays together, which exacerbated some of the problems between them, but Diving Deep is a story of second chances. This holiday season might be their most special ever.

Find  Diving Deep at Christmas here, and enjoy.

Amazing reviews for Diving Deep!

divingdeep-200x300It’s always nail-biting time when a book launches and then you find out what readers think. My nails are nearly safe: there’s some incredible reactions to Lee and Bobby.

From Becky Condit:  A terrific adventure, full of surprises and love, and a romance that spans time. (See the full review)

From Serena Yates at Rainbow Book Reviews: If you like thrilling, suspenseful adventure stories, if you enjoy watching two men come together – or try to – who have the potential to either love wholly or utterly destroy each other, and if you’re looking for an exciting read that has the potential to mesmerize you, then you will probably like this novel as much as I do. It left me spellbound and holding my breath more than once. (See the full review)

From Mel at Alpha Book Club: I could go on and on about how deep and well-written this book is, but I don’t want to ruin any of the discoveries you’ll make on your own. This book is for ALL readers, everyone. You will LOVE it. SO WELL DONE – go pick up a copy, you won’t be sorry! (See the full review)

So thank you, kind readers!

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