GayRomLit news!

This is me after reading my email last night:

I was a sad Pam after the frenzy that was GRL registration: even the speediest of mouse clicks didn’t get me a spot. So I wait-listed, and resigned myself to being patient. And maybe not there. Which would be sad: where else could I hang out with Eden Winters (and Bear), TD O’Malley, D.H Starr, and all my favorite authors and readers in one giant partay?

Got the good news last night, and finalized today: all that PTO reserved last year is getting put to best use! I will be there!

With a new book. Or two. If I’m fast….

Dreamspinner sale!

Hmmm, looks like a great time to buy some books!  Find my Dreamspinner titles right here.  Mountains, stocks and bonds, submarines…. And love. Always love.

For Memorial Day


Sorry for the confusion

Several of you let me know that a post showed up that was very confusing, a password protected item. This wasn’t supposed to show up generally, but it was completely intentional on my part, at least that there was a password and a document behind it.

Not that it’s any big secret what it is: I’m giving a presentation and instead of killing 99 trees, I thought I would host a PDF file with all my show and tell slides where the attendees could download it. Since the actual document will make less than no sense without the accompanying talk, I wasn’t going to subject everyone to it. Instead, I’ve made you all question either my sanity or the security of the blog.

Sorry about that!  The blog is secure, my sanity is questionable, and I’ve figured out the stumbling block in the current WIP, so I should have something to show everyone soon.

In the meantime, have a picture of Mark from Fall Down the Mountain.

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