At last! A new book on the horizon!

It’s taken me a while, but I’m nearly ready to release Book 1 of a new contemporary series: Men of Monument.  The first book is Running to Him. 

This is Tim and Carson’s story. A bit of age difference, a first love/first time, and a common enemy, all in about 72,000 words. This was a toughie to finish for personal reasons. That quote about “Writing is opening a vein and bleeding on the page” was a little more true for this book than most.

The Monument of the series title is Monument Pharma, a fictitious prescription drug manufacturer in Denver. Both my husband and I worked in the testing labs of a major generic house, something that will be more prominent when I get to Wes’s story.  My crazy chemist is a secondary character here, and man, is he a character. He definitely had Carson and Tim pulling their hair out.

(Turnabout is fair play, Wes. The guys will get even with you. Word of God.)

I’ll have a cover to show you soon, and a release date.

Running To Him

Fresh out of college, Tim Ratliff’s desperate to move out on his own. He yearns for his own home, his own rules, and the freedom to find the kind of man he’s always dreamed of.  He’s applied at every laboratory he can find, but his job search is coming up crickets.

Monument Pharma would be Tim’s dream job, and Lorraine in Human Resources swears he’s a shoo-in to be hired. Wonderful, except that’s the one job he dare not take.

At thirty-three, Carson Eddinger’s life is just about perfect—a great job at Monument Pharma, nice home, sweet ride—except for the no boyfriend part. And the constant sniping from the woman in Human Resources.

She isn’t just a thorn in Carson’s side at work—she’s also Tim’s mom, and she has a white picket fence plan for Tim that definitely doesn’t involve a happy ever after with Carson.

They’ve poked the bear. Now they have to outrun it.

Coming soon.


A present for you

I’m working to get the Mountain books back up, which is presenting a couple of challenges. While I’m working on the novels, I do have one of the shorts up and running, and as a way to say thank you, I’m making it free to all of you who might not have seen it.

Mistletoe on the Mountain has been packaged with Snow on the Mountain, so that’s where you might have encountered it. Here’s a free-standing version for you, and I’m giving it away until December 25, 2019.

This is Jake’s first Christmas away from his family, and his first Christmas with Kurt. Jake’s shoestring budget doesn’t matter, because what Kurt wants most doesn’t come in a box. He’d like to stand openly with Jake as partners before the world, but Jake hasn’t come that far out of the closet. Wapiti Creek is hung everywhere with mistletoe, taunting them both with opportunities not taken.

Jake’s making a traditional Landon family dish for a Christmas pot-luck dinner with friends, but he’s short a key ingredient. Kurt manages to supply the missing ingredient for Jake’s recipe, but can Jake supply the missing ingredient for Kurt’s happiness?

Get it in epub or mobi here.


Does he look like Kurt to you?

I’m a lot more involved in the process this time around. The new covers need to evoke the story and look fresh and exciting.

I think I found a good cover model for Kurt. This is definitely “winter Kurt” because his hair is grown out.  We’ll give him a proper Wapiti Creek background. What do you guys think?

Young blond man in ski parka

Seventy-nine pounds of pets

I updated my biography the other day. It used to read “X# pounds of cats.”  No longer, because the Singer household has expanded beyond cats.

This wasn’t a planned or anticipated change. When one has an in-law for every purpose, (I have, oh, I think, 759 in-laws), one should figure in “the in-law that turns your life upside down.” One of my brothers-in-law (BIL #24, or #25) had a situation where his pets needed a temporary home for an indefinite future.

I didn’t expect to have a temporary kitty. I CERTAINLY didn’t expect to have a temporary doggie. In fact, the last time I had a doggie at all, I was a sweet young thang of twenty-two, and, erm, that was a while ago.

So I know next to nothing about being a dog-mom, and needed to learn fast. I may not be good at it by now, but my fur-child is forgiving, and loving, and we do pretty well. When I’m not freaked out about being loved and needed more than my infant humans, now young men six feet tall, needed me. The babies didn’t spin around knocking things over out of sheer delight in seeing me.

To be this much of any creature’s world is humbling. I strive to be worthy, as I did when the small people who sprang from me began their journeys.

This is fifty-six pounds of my household pets. Darling Zoe. I didn’t know what  joy  you  would  bring  to  my life.

Updating the Author Bio

So many things have changed since I initially posted in the About Me section.  Publishing Cats have come and gone, Olderson and Youngerson have grown to be young men. I don’t ski as much as I used to, not because I don’t still love whooshing down a hill. It’s getting to the slopes–either traffic is worse or I’m less tolerant, or both.

The Marital Unit still smiles upon my work and has yet to get past Chapter Five in the original version of Fire on the Mountain. (That involved a bow, some arrows, and an aspen tree. Good times.)

The resident critters are not all felines, Olderson has moved to California with his lovely wife. But what prompted me to update my bio?

I’ve been eyeing a package for tandem sky-diving. It’s started to sound like fun.

Not changing the picture though–that was taken at a special weekend and the memories are too good to take down.

P.D. Singer lives in Colorado with her slightly bemused husband, one young adult, and seventy-nine pounds of pets. She’s a big believer in research, first-hand if possible, so the reader can be quite certain PD has skied down a mountain face-first, been stepped on by rodeo horses, acquired a potato burn or two, and is rethinking a novel that includes sky-diving.

When not writing, playing her fiddle, or walking the sheddiest member of the family, she can be found with a book in hand.