More Novels

divingdeep-200x300Dive captain Lee’s fond of the bottle; elite tech diver Bobby takes a hell of a lot of chances underwater. Can two guys who punch each other’s buttons get back together? A mysterious wreck leads to second chances. Diving Deep
The Rare Event PD Singer novelHedge fund traders Jon and Ricky can’t agree on investing or commitment—will they make love, make money, or will a volatile relationship and a volatile market blow up in their faces?The Rare Event
SpokesPro cyclist Luca Biondi takes risks on the road, but not with his love life, until he meets Christopher Nye. A journalist who loves Luca’s sport could be perfect–or a perfect disaster. Spokes
NewMan[A]FSChad needs data to ascertain his sexuality, and Warren’s willing to oblige. Disaster forces them into a deeper relationship. Surgery turns Chad into a new man–but Warren fell in love with the old one. A New Man
otter chaos (1) Otter shifter Lon Ewing snowboarded into economist Corey Levigne’s life, for love, laughter, and snacks from the koi pond. Corey’s boss is a werewolf who plans to take a bite out of his research project–and them. Otter Chaos

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