Novellas and Other Shorts

DonalagusJimmy4darksepiaDonal agus Jimmy

1912 Belfast: Donal and Jimmy meet in the shipyards, their friendship leading to shared rooms and shared lives. When Jimmy hires aboard a luxury vessel bound for America, neither man could fathom how their world will change.
PrepWorkv3nudePrep Work

Celebrity chef Jude Marshall’s search for a comfort meal in London brings him into a pub, where landlord Tommy Bell shows him that “The Good Man” is not just the name on the sign.


Kilt-wearing cellist Steven can teach Irish expat Hugh Kelly a thing or two about his own traditional music.
TailSlide-Singer2Tail Slide

Shifter Lon can’t imagine a better time than playing in the snow, until he meets Corey. There’s a reason Lon tries to never shift in the house though.

Never give an otter a box of Cheerios.

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