Novellas and Other Shorts

DonalagusJimmy4darksepiaDonal agus Jimmy

1912 Belfast: Donal and Jimmy meet in the shipyards, their friendship leading to shared rooms and shared lives. When Jimmy hires aboard the Titanic, neither man could fathom how their world will change.
Prep Work

Celebrity chef Jude Marshall’s search for a comfort meal in London brings him into a pub, where landlord Tommy Bell shows him that “The Good Man” is not just the name on the sign.


Kilt-wearing cellist Steven can teach Irish expat Hugh Kelly a thing or two about his own traditional music.

(If you wondered about Lon and Corey’s neighbors in Otter Chaos, you saw them here first.)

TailSlide-Singer2Tail Slide

Shifter Lon can’t imagine a better time than playing in the snow, until he meets Corey. There’s a reason Lon tries to never shift in the house.

Never give an otter a box of Cheerios.

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