Prep Work

Exhausted after eating his way through the local cuisines in the back of beyond, celebrity chef Jude Marshall ditches his camera crew during a London layover. He’s ready for a beer and plain, familiar food, the sort a random pub could provide. What’s this artfully presented dish where plain pea soup should be? Parsley? Really? Demonstrating his lack of a brain to mouth filter earns him a glower from his server—and a visit from chef Tommy Bell, a fan of both Jude’s show and his cooking.

Maybe signing Tommy’s copy of Jude’s cookbook will make amends for his lack of tact. The unexpected arrival of picky diners puts Tommy behind in the kitchen. Jude wants to lend a hand, for the joy of cooking and Tommy’s smile.

Stumbling into this gastro-pub might be the best mistake Jude’s ever made.

Includes bonus story Breaking the Fast

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