The Mountain Series

In the high mountains of Colorado, Jake, Kurt, their friends, and their foes have plenty to keep them busy. Each story stands alone, but like friends, they stand together better. For the chronology, look here.

The Mountains
Into the Mountains (Prequel)
into the mountains
Fire on the Mountain Snow on the Mountain
Fall Down the   Mountain Blood on the Mountain Return to the Mountain

3 responses to “The Mountain Series

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  2. Kendra Patterson

    Love your mountain series. Wondered if you planned any more with Jake and Kurt as the mc’s? I would love to hear how they’re progressing. Thx, Kendra

    • Kendra, sorry to take so long getting back to you. I do have a couple more Jake and Kurt stories in half written form. Jake had to introduce Kurt to the family as a whole, and Kurt had to figure out where he fits once Jake graduates. I haven’t quite decided how to bring these to readers. First I have to finish writing….

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