Cross the Mountain

Cross the Mountain400x600 (2)Allan Tengerdie tumbles down easy ski slopes so often that he doesn’t believe Mark McAvoy’s assurances that he’ll enjoy cross-country skiing. Allan didn’t come to a fancy ski resort to trudge on the flats, but if a soft-in-the-middle chef has a chance to keep up with his ski patrol lover, he really ought to try.

Allan and Mark have a great time on the trails, but it’s pleasure for which Allan pays dearly. How will Mark convince him to go again?


Mark and Allan, from the novel Fall Down the Mountain, are back for an ‘established couple’ adventure — the second edition is free at Dreamspinner, as gift to readers.

One response to “Cross the Mountain

  1. I just love the interaction between these two. They show their caring, not in grand gestures, but in the little day to day things that prove their partner is always on their minds.

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