Snow on the Mountain

Forest rangers in summer, ski bums in winter—the snows send Jake Landon and Kurt Carlson to the exclusive Wapiti Creek Ski Resort. The snow is perfect, the mountains gorgeous, but they’re there to work.

A novice skier, Jake’s been assigned to run the bunny lift.  Instructing at a private ski school should be Kurt’s dream job, but it brings giggles and sideways glances among their new friends.

All summer, Jake and Kurt were alone in the wilderness. If Jake wanted to stay in the closet, it didn’t matter. Now they have to navigate a relationship in public, where the boss’s kids who’ve adopted Jake as their ski buddy are as big a nuisance as the ski patroller who’s crushing on him.

Would-be friends, vicious coworkers, and the perils of the mountain could mean the end for Kurt and Jake, but their biggest danger comes from each other.

Read in KU or buy at Amazon for your permanent library in MOBI or print, or listen to the audio via Amazon/Audible, or Apple.

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