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Rainbow Snippet — A New Man

rainbow snippet logo The Rainbow Snippets is a weekend challenge to post 6 sentences from one of my works or WIPs. Since A New Man placed so nicely at the Rainbow Awards (which I have been sadly remiss in mentioning, but Chad and Warren placed 4th in Contemporary and 10th overall) I decided to share a pivotal moment from their story. Chad has a difficult -to-admit issue that’s about to change both their lives, and at the moment, they’re in bed together for the first time.


“Might need to get a little harder than that first.”

No shit. Rolling over and burying his face in the pillows wasn’t enough to smother him so he’d never have to explain. Warren let go and cuddled up close to Chad’s back, where he wouldn’t be for long. Should never have strayed out of the friend zone. Because this was way worse than anything Chad ever experienced with his more adventurous girlfriends. This was everything he wanted. Everything he couldn’t have. Might as well get it over with. Might as well cut out his heart, or cut off his useless balls.

“You don’t understand,” he growled into the ticking. “That’s the best it’s ever been.”

Find the rest of the story:  Dreamspinner or Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or at All Romance eBooks.

Find more Rainbow Snippets at the Facebook group. So many talented authors across all colors of the spectrum are sharing.

Rainbow Awards and A New Man

Rainbow 2

The Honorable Mentions are appearing, a few at a time, at Elisa Rolle’s site. Every day brings a fresh reason to rejoice, as a friend or colleague’s work is honored. Amazing authors like Lloyd Meeker and Edmond Manning, Raine O’Tierney and Christopher Hawthorne Moss, and so many others who deserve every single accolade. Z. Allora, whose work has appeared twice. JL Merrow, who always makes me smile. Lane Hayes, who had a kind word for the socially anxious.  So many folks whom I’ve met online or in meatspace. My TBR list is expanding exponentially too, because there are names new to me in this gallery of goodness.

A New Man captured the judges’ attention and hearts sufficiently to be included on these shelves.

The reviewer (whoever you are, thank you) said:

I got sucked into this story very quickly. Great characters, including those who weren’t the MCs, and I liked the way the issues they faced weren’t solved quickly which made it more realistic.

I am honored and humbled to appear in this lineup.



Update on the radio interview–unintentionally otterly chaotic


This is where I have to admit being slightly unclear on the concept. For some reason, last week’s live interview with Tracy of the Mamie Dowd Eisenhower Library  was lodged firmly in my head as radio. Or podcast. Something aural.

So, I grabbed some books, thinking  I could show them to Tracy as we talked and she would be inspired for questions. And I dressed for a radio interview. Very casually. Not in catchy colors. And no makeup. After all, who would see me? I never dress up for work, where I was headed later, so the only person who’d know would be Tracy and an engineer.

Wrong. Oh wrong. This was TV.

So, about the only thing that went correctly on a visual level was a mass of fluffy blond hair, my trademark, and possibly wilder and fluffier than usual. And the books. I brought Spokes, On Call: the Collection, and Donal agus Jimmy.

Rare Event 5 star reviewI’d sold everything else at Pride. I’d ordered stacks of books from Dreamspinner earlier in the week, but they hadn’t arrived yet, nor had the printer shipped my stock of Otter Chaos. Two of the books, The Rare Event and A New Man, had special ties with this library, since I was inspired to write both by non-fiction I’d picked up there. (They have a rotating display at the top of the stairs, and I read the lower left-hand corner book, no matter what it is. It’s generally interesting.) And I had neither book on hand.

NewMan[A]FSSo, learn from my error. Keep copies on hand at all times: you never know when you’re going to need them. And put ALL the details on the calendar.

The interview will run on local access TV later in the month, and will be available on YouTube. I’ll post links when available so you can all have a giggle at my sartorial distress contrasting with (hopefully) high quality audibles.

Also, we have a winner from last week’s “Guess the title” contest. Trix, check your email. I would totally buy that book.



Paperback sale at Dreamspinner


Doesn’t that sound like stock up, please your shelves, romantic, hot-man opportunity?  Did to me, which means I completed my collections of my favorite authors’ titles.

Most of my titles are included in this wowapalooza of a sale, including A New Man. Folks, get thee to Dreamspinner, because it can’t get any better than this.

NewMan[A]FSChad and Warren in trade paperback for $8.50 US? Get yours.

Or maybe you need to complete your Mountain series. (Psst, $7.50 each.)


Rare Event 5 star reviewOr — you’ve been waiting for the right moment to get The Rare Event, with Ricky in all his naked, lickable glory.  He can be yours for half price.

There’s always a catch–this is while quantities last. Head to Dreamspinner, quick!


A New Man is out! With a blog tour and prizes!

pride graphicsChad and Warren are ready to hit your ereader or bookshelf today, Feb 9, and to celebrate, I’m all over the web. Join me here, there and everywhere, help get the word out, and enter for a chance at both the new release and a backlist book.

Find Chad and Warren here, and join the fun!

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Or cut to the chase and get your copy at  Dreamspinner or Amazon or at All Romance eBooks, or Barnes & Noble.