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Set Up, now in audio

I had the perfect confluence of narrator, story, and opportunity. When Richard Sack said, “I’d like to narrate something short between bigger projects,” I said, “What do you think of Terry and Doug here?”

And he was off and narrating, sending me clips of the flying coleslaw and the nitrous oxide, which… I don’t want to spoil it for you, but he did have to edit out some laughter.

So, this short runs for about an hour, good for treadmill time or a day of errands, possibly waiting for an appointment, and it’s meant to put a smile on your face. Heck, I wrote it, but it was a whole new experience to hear Richard giving life to Terry’s inner dialog. Even knowing what was coming…

 I wrote Doug’s voice as sounding like “chocolate steeped in good Cabernet.” Which Richard does, perfectly. Can we just say, “Richard gives good voice”?

So go ahead–let Richard tell you Terry and Doug’s story. You’ll enjoy it as much as Terry–eventually–does.


“Say hi to Doug at the car show.” Just because Keith is a good pal, has good intentions, and has great taste in men doesn’t mean Terry wants his own personal matchmaker. With his luck and past experience, he and the man Keith set him up with would hate each other on sight. Besides, Terry can’t look for the elusive Doug; he’s too busy ogling a certain gorgeous 1949 MG TC.

The sleek roadster stands out even among a field of classic beauties, and so does the driver. Is it too much to ask that the guy forget about Terry making a fool of himself over the right hand drive and sexy red fenders? Not likely he’ll forget Terry accidentally flinging a bowl of coleslaw at his chest.

If terminal embarrassment isn’t bad enough, now Terry’s had a dental disaster, leaving him with two choices: stay in agony for days, or see the new man in the practice.

Terry’s at the office by one thirty sharp. And he’s parked next to a red MG.

Now available in audio! An hour of banter, classic cars, and the start of something wonderful.

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I <3 my readers!

After a rugged day at work, I came home to find this:

BestsellerIcon100X100 in my mailbox. All Romance eBooks notified me that Set Up had earned its Best Seller star. Of course I had to run to look.

Thank you, readers!

Set Up 32

If you’d like to see what all the smiling is about, you can get yours here.


Update on the radio interview–unintentionally otterly chaotic


This is where I have to admit being slightly unclear on the concept. For some reason, last week’s live interview with Tracy of the Mamie Dowd Eisenhower Library  was lodged firmly in my head as radio. Or podcast. Something aural.

So, I grabbed some books, thinking  I could show them to Tracy as we talked and she would be inspired for questions. And I dressed for a radio interview. Very casually. Not in catchy colors. And no makeup. After all, who would see me? I never dress up for work, where I was headed later, so the only person who’d know would be Tracy and an engineer.

Wrong. Oh wrong. This was TV.

So, about the only thing that went correctly on a visual level was a mass of fluffy blond hair, my trademark, and possibly wilder and fluffier than usual. And the books. I brought Spokes, On Call: the Collection, and Donal agus Jimmy.

Rare Event 5 star reviewI’d sold everything else at Pride. I’d ordered stacks of books from Dreamspinner earlier in the week, but they hadn’t arrived yet, nor had the printer shipped my stock of Otter Chaos. Two of the books, The Rare Event and A New Man, had special ties with this library, since I was inspired to write both by non-fiction I’d picked up there. (They have a rotating display at the top of the stairs, and I read the lower left-hand corner book, no matter what it is. It’s generally interesting.) And I had neither book on hand.

NewMan[A]FSSo, learn from my error. Keep copies on hand at all times: you never know when you’re going to need them. And put ALL the details on the calendar.

The interview will run on local access TV later in the month, and will be available on YouTube. I’ll post links when available so you can all have a giggle at my sartorial distress contrasting with (hopefully) high quality audibles.

Also, we have a winner from last week’s “Guess the title” contest. Trix, check your email. I would totally buy that book.



On Call: the Collection now out

OCC600x960Now you can have all the Keith and Dante stories in one neat file. Eight linked stories, roughly thirty thousand words of doctor and veterinarian adventures (and sexytimes) can be yours.

Maybe you’ve read all of the stories and wonder where this “Dante’s Wish” came from. I won’t ask you to buy the whole collection to see this one piece–read it here. But if you’re new to this couple, get the whole saga for a substantial savings over the individual stories.


The new doctor in town, Keith Hoyer has to relinquish care of his new patient, veterinarian Dante James, to privately treat their mutual cases of incurable attraction and terminal romance, complicated with relapsing lust.

Their backgrounds are different, their practices accidentally overlap, and their pasts have some hidden traps to negotiate. A fat, injured tabby cat, a truth-extracting, wounded dog, and a teen with a heartbreaking secret need Keith and Dante’s help. Every patient, furry or human, brings them a little closer together.

The collection contains the full texts of On Call: Afternoon, On Call: Dancing, and On Call: Crossroads, all the bonus stories, and Dante’s Wish. Thirty thousand words comprising eight linked stories.

Soooo, Live at Amazon, and coming any minute now at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and All Romance eBooks.


Playing around with cats and pharmacists

Training cats Version 2In an excess of confidence I created a cover for Training Cats, which has been the face of the story for about 6 months. It’s… a cover.

So I got to playing around with the pictures yesterday, and got this. I’m trying to decide if I got to0 exuberant with the gradients. Might have to tone that back, which will unfuzz the lower part of the picture.

Sigh. More fiddling. Or not. Comments?