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First you draw the shark

But sharks don’t look like that, you say? They do when you turn them just so.

This is an anamorphic illusion, which only looks right from certain angles, and then it’s perfect.

I feel like the girl in Jurassic Park now

Spooky, huh? And it’s what your brain gets for making assumptions about face-like objects. They aren’t all convex.

Illusion and video by Brusspup, who is a genius.

Positive and Negative, an optical illusion

twofacesTell me what you see when you look at this. Then look again: does it change?

Anamorphic Illusion

Golvopeasvisa_ReneRedzepiHaven’t posted one of these in a while, and I found a nifty one. The gentleman portrayed is Rene Redzepi, one of the world’s best chefs, and this portrait was commissioned as a magazine cover. Golvopiesa, an art studio out of Mexico, did this anamorphic portrait from food, wine, utensils, and all sorts of cuisine-oriented bits. Take a closer look.

It took quite a bit of setting up and getting the angles right.

rene-redzepi-portrait-golpeavisa-6It’s anamorphic because it only shows the picture when seen from one particular angle, otherwise, it’s only  dinner as served in my house. 😉

My Cover, Maybe!

A heads up from Addison Albright (may the readers smile upon her upcoming release, Another Dream,  coming from Torquere Press on July 8th) led me to look at Alessia Brio’s website. She does a great deal of the cover art for the publisher, and while I was admiring all the pretty covers for other people’s books, look what I found!

I haven’t been officially notified, so this may not be the final, but it’s so amazing to see this worked up! It’s a little different from Dragon King’s vision, but I expected that. I’m dancing around, I’m so excited.

My cover! Whooo!