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Taste Test: Walk the Plank

Wheeeeeee! The big day is here! I am a published author! Realio, trulio, complete with an ISBN number! Not sure why that number means so much to me, except, as Storyseeker said, now the government knows where I am. Sort of. They can find my name in the Library of Congress, but I, in the words of the pirate Captain Bull, have not been caught!

The buy link is up on the Torquere site. It’s here, a fact that I intend to spread around enough that I can code that html tag in my sleep. Now comes the nailbiting time of publicity and suggesting, ever so politely, that people might like to spend a bit of their precious time (and the mere pittance of $2.49, less than the cost of a Whopper, with more entertainment value and far fewer calories, even if you hold the mayo) on these stories.

I am honored to be in the collection with Angela Benedetti, who tells a fine tale, and Mara Ismine, whose imagination has truly run amok this time. Now excuse me while I hyperventilate!

Walk the Plank