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Blood on the Mountain is back!

Look what’s back in print!

This is the third Kurt and Jake novel, back from the mists of rights returns and labor in the new artwork mines.

Kurt with his come hither eyes starred on the new editions of Fire on the Mountain and Snow on the Mountain. No wonder Jake went slightly berserk, right? But here’s the new model for the man who rocked Kurt’s world.

So welcome, or welcome back, to the fourth novel in the Mountain series.

Jake Landon thinks a second ranger season in the Colorado Rockies with his hyper-competent lover Kurt Carlson is close enough to heaven, and a national forest big enough to be his closet. City life, school—and the luxuries of electricity and running water—can wait, maybe forever, as long as Jake doesn’t have to come out. He doesn’t plan on Kurt’s vision of his future being as narrow and direct as the single track roads through the woods.

“Your future, your fear, and me,” Kurt tells Jake. “You can have two of the three, so choose wisely.” Jake may have no choices left after they stumble on armed men guarding a beautiful but deadly crop that doesn’t belong among the pines and spruces.

Kurt’s skills and Jake’s quick wits may not be enough to get them out of this mess—how much of the blood shed on the mountain will be theirs?

Available in print, Mobi, and audio.  Get a copy for your permanent library, or, for a limited time, read in KU. 

Last days of coupon sale

The Smashwords coupon sale has a few days left to run! I have selected titles there from 30 to 60% off, including my latest release, Running to Him. There’s even a free short, Set Up, if you like easily flustered MCs and classic sports cars with your lovin’.

Grab some great summer reading!

Peak by peak…

The Mountains are returning.  Fall Down the Mountain is up at Amazon, and it’s in KU, as well as available for your permanent library.

Back in print just today– Mark and Allan’s novel!  Yeah, I jumped the gun a little on getting one of the shorts up first, but since the shorts are a little fluffier… Okay, for Sugar on the Mountain, a lot fluffier. It’s fun. (And free. Enjoy!) I have a cover for Storm on the Mountain, and a cover model for Cross the Mountain, but to know how Mark and Allan got to that point, you want to read the novel.

Fall Down the Mountain picks up with Mark after the events of Snow on the Mountain, but if you’re starting here, you’ll still know exactly what’s going on. Plus we have different lead characters. Kurt and Jake show up (boy do they…) but as  Mark’s friends, and same with Jorey Taylor, big as life and twice as het, or so he thinks. Yup, Jorey will get a book one of these days.

So join us at Wapiti Creek, for some action, adventure, a bit of hot cocoa, and some Mark and Allan loving.

Just a note, the paperback will be available just as soon as the printers can ship.  It’s a problem across the board, current events being what they are, but you can have all the ebook and audio you like right now.

Into the Mountains — a prequel

If you read Fire on the Mountain in its Dreamspinner incarnation, you’ve seen part of this book. Into the Mountains originally appeared at the end of the novel, where it explained a lot about Kurt. Unfortunately, that was also positioned perfectly to make the reader go hmm.

You may have wondered, “What was Pam thinking? Kurt and Jake are together, as they were clearly intended to be. Why are we talking about Benji now?”

Good question. Short answer is “publisher said.”

The Mountains series is with Rocky Ridge Books, so time to reorganize!  Let’s hear about Benji  in his proper place in the timeline, two years before Fire. Then we’ll understand a lot more about Kurt when he pulls up at the Chiefs’ house on his motorbike, and takes that first look at Jake.

Plus, we’ll see the last straw that drove Jake into the mountains. This piece hasn’t appeared anywhere else.

Into the Mountains is available on Amazon, where “Free” isn’t an option yet, but it’s also available on the Rocky Ridge Books store, where you can scoop up your copy as a gift from me.

The store’s still under construction, so pardon our dust, but do take a look around. You might find another freebie tidbit featuring Mark and Allan from Fall Down the Mountain, which will be back up here real soon now.

Into the Mountains

Why did Kurt Carlson become a forest ranger?

Long before he met Jake, Kurt climbed the monoliths of Yosemite with his best friend, Benji. But after a storm traps them halfway up the face of El Capitan, Kurt has to accept that their friendship isn’t what he thought.

Why did Jake Landon become a forest ranger?

A trip with his college friends to a hot springs resort should be fun, not disastrous. But for a man who’s still deep in the closet, everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Everything leads to two men alone in the wilderness in this prequel to Fire on the Mountain.

Good stuff in KU!

I’m hanging out with a ton of super authors this week, who all write some sweet and hot romance with our favorite kind of couples.

Most of my work is available widely, because readers find their books everywhere from Barnes & Noble to Mondadori, but subscription readers haven’t had a chance at the Mountain series until now. I’m getting the books back up, and at least for a while, Kurt, Jake, Mark, Allan, and all their friends and enemies will be part of Kindle Unlimited.

Right now, Fire on the Mountain and Snow on the Mountain are ready to borrow. Some of Eden Winters’ titles are also part of KU, as are a whole lot of our friends’ work. You can see a whole luscious list of our titles here.

Happy reading!