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loopsThis doesn’t look like the face of a fatal addiction, does it? But my hands are cramped, my mouth is drawn back into a rictus grin, and I hear myself thinking, just one more… Twenty minutes later, just one more…

I can go years at a time without playing a computer game. Or I could.  Oh, this all started innocently enough.

Youngerson and I were sitting in the DMV, waiting to get his learner’s permit (Mistake one, right?)  He’s playing some game on his phone I’ve never seen, so I ask. He explains the basics and suggests installing it on mine so that he can have his own back. (The wild eyes should have clued me in that here be crack.)

I connected the dots with a fingertip. (Read I took the first hit.) And I’ve been doing it ever since. Even getting good at it intermittently. The game rewards you for doing well, and punishes you for not using its resources wisely. (Yes, that term is relative, but when your chain is missing a possible dot on either end because you set your finger down in the wrong spot, you get crap dots for a while.) It chimes a little tune, which gets louder when you do well, and you find yourself want to please it, to get that little sequence that means you closed a loop, or maybe two.

I woke up this morning with an afterimage of the dots filling my field of vision. I’d tried using the dinosaur icons, but discovered that I didn’t like the screen that way. The dinosaurs cost me 2000 tokes. I mean tokens. I could buy a lot of poppers for 2000 tokens. Yeah, I could pop the pesky dots that interfere.

(You thought something else entirely, didn’t you. Confess.)

The real issue, in retrospect, is that I had 2000 tokens, earned 18 or 19 or 50 or 60 at a time, to spend on different icons. And I didn’t like them. But wait, the little fruit figures are cute, and only 2000 tokens. Excuse me, it’ll only take me another 15-20 minutes to get the rest of the tokens I need…

You can find it here, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Because it’s kind of creepy


who is p.d.singer 3
real name of p..d.singer 1
is p.d.singer first name anita 1

To the person who’s looking for my real name: Why exactly do you want to know?

If it’s to personalize a note, call me Pam–that’s on my “About Me” page and on Facebook.

And if it’s for anything else, now would be a good time to stop.


It’s not always what it looks like

Photoshop cookies

Angie Benedetti sends me the best links! And apparently the strains of editing were getting to her (there’s a new Hidden Magic novel in the not so distant future, how cool is that? Mannie’s story at last!) because she found the perfect mashup of computers and food. For those of you who get posts as emails,  the video probably won’t work, but come on over and poke the play button.

The way Photoshop and I get along, we might not eat very much if I cooked this way, but dang, what little I could manage would be consistent.

Are you sure it’s an illusion?

I haven’t had an optical illusion in a while, and that’s a shame.  This one is, or was, installed in front of the Paris city hall. Doesn’t look like much, does it? Kind of a whacky lawn. With stripes.

optical illusion paris 1

Until you get to just the right spot.
Optial illusion paris 2

An anamorphosis is a distorted picture that comes together when viewed from the correct place and angle. This one took 90 people five days to build, and artist Francois Abelanet unknown time to design. Doesn’t look like it’s 100 meters long, does it? Or does it? Watch the video.