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Simon “Lucky” Harrison up for Best Man in Uniform

CollusionWhoot! Love Romances Cafe is voting on various “Best Of” awards, and I see some names I just have to click on.

Lucky Lucklighter, aka Simon Harrison, our delightful banty-rooster pain-in-the-ass  narcotics agent from Eden Winters’  SBA series, is up for Best Man in Uniform. I hear Eden’s working on his next adventure. 😉

Voting is here.

And one of the best things about Lucky is that he and Bo (OMG, LOVE BO!) are in two more books.

Diversion(1)Corruption600x800Find your favorite format at ARe. or your other favorite bookstore.

Hmm, and it’s on sale for $5.25, too.

Best book? Best Contemporary?

The Rare Event PD Singer novel Dreamspinner GR-cat-21-NGR-cat-26-N (2)
Busy, busy end of the year! The Goodreads M/M Romance Group is currently voting on various favorites, and much to my delight, The Rare Event is up for two awards! So are some other fabulous books, like Eden Winter’s excellent Diversion, which appears in several categories, and yes, the book is just that good. Eden also has entries in Best Free Story and Best Short Story (In Dreams), and All Time Best M/M (The Wish). Newcomer Amelia C Gormley is in here too, for Best Contemporary. It was so hard to choose Best Anthology, because both EM Lynley’s Going for Gold and Josephine Myles’ Lashings of Sauce are under consideration.

I’ve already voted–it’s your turn to make the tough decisions. Go take a look! Voting runs through Dec. 31.

Honorable Mention!

“Fire on the Mountain” made the Honorable Mention list at Elisa Rolle’s Rainbow Awards! I am very happy, because “Fire” was up against some very good books by some very well known authors, and this is my first novel. It probably should have been in the new author category because of that, but I am happy with the showing all the same. Thanks to all who voted in both stages.


Rainbow Awards

Someone paid me a lovely compliment by nominating “Fire on the Mountain” for the new Rainbow Awards that Elisa Rolle is putting together. This is the first year for the awards, so it is evolving as it goes, as new information makes itself felt. It’s a huge undertaking, for which Elisa should be applauded and fed chocolate. Currently voting is in the first round, meant to get the number of nominees down to a manageable number. I’d dearly love for “Fire” to be in that next, shorter list: you, dear reader, could help that along by voting here:here, on her LJ.

There are a number of other authors who have been nominated as well, and I wish them all success. I’d vote for GS Wiley’s YA “The Nest” six times if I could, because it’s just that good of a story. For all the categories, look here.

Voting in this round is open through October 17.