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My bookstore is back


You may remember how I was mourning the demise of my favorite bookstore. How the openly contemptuous clerk who badmouthed my favorite book-seller drove me and probably everyone else away. And how the place shuttered, with a forlorn sign begging for new owners.

But good news!  My bookstore’s back! I’ve met one of the new owners, Jim Hartley, and I’ll be back frequently, so I’ll have the opportunity to meet Jeannie, his wife and bookselling partner. Now called Coyote Ridge Books, the store will evolve its offerings to reflect the new owners’ tastes, which should be interesting, and it’s still a quick lunchtime hop from work. Jim seems like a nice guy, and it’s clear he loves books.

I”m looking forward to spending a lot of time and money there. If you’re in Broomfield, visit; it’s on Nickel Street between 120th and Midway.