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What I’ve been up to lately

frustrated young  woman.

For all those who wonder where the heck I’ve been, that picture should tell you everything. Fighting the good fight with Photoshop Elements and InDesign has eaten up quite a lot of my life, plus finishing up a novel that I can’t believe came out of my brain. I scare myself sometimes.

The computer programs have to be, if not mastered, than at least somewhat amenable to my control. It’s still iffy. I now have a really good pal named Lynda.com, with whom I have been spending every moment, watching tutorials and feeling like material is leaking out of my brain faster than I can learn it. Why, if I have just created a graphics frame, does it not have an X in it?

The hyper-absorption of computer programs is in preparation for a workshop I’m going to at the end of the week, along with Angie Benedetti. We’ll have lunch with Amelia C. Gormley on the way to the workshop. Two of my favorite authors in one place! Swoon!

Back to this pesky graphics frame. Expand, darn you! Expand!