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Shiny! Shiny! Fire on the Mountain

Reece Dante has set the hills ablaze with this gorgeous cover!  I just love what she did here–Jake is all “I shouldn’t be looking at you,” and Kurt is all “I’m looking but not being blatant.” Just perfect for the novel.  Not only that, but look at the mountain effect she got with the M and the N in the bottom line–that is some cool typography, very subtle. Thank you, Reece!

The new blurb should be ready any moment now, and after that, I’ll tell you what the release date is.  Fire will be out in late June, hugely expanded and rewritten, with an all-new companion novelette about Kurt in the same volume. I can hardly wait to see it on the “coming Soon” page at Dreamspinner.

A Cover for Maroon!

The little tidbits I’ve been mentioning about ship-building are coming closer to showing up in a story.  I received the cover art for my upcoming Color Box novella, Maroon: Donal agus Jimmy. It really evokes the period and the place, which is a ship yard in 1911-1912 Belfast. There’s a ship in the background, so 2 points for anyone who can put a name to it.

“Angel of Thirteenth Street” in cover contest

Elisa Rolle’s Rainbow Awards cover contest has winnowed down several hundred covers to a relative handful — only thirty. Eden Winters’ wonderful novel, “The Angel of Thirteenth Street” is still in the running. The authors may offer ideas on cover art, but otherwise have little say, so it’s wonderful that the cover of this book is just as good as the words within. Alessia Brio put this together — kudos!


Go here to vote — you don’t have to sign in at LJ — and support Eden by voting her some visibility and into the next round. It works best if you open that window twice, once for the poll and then once more to click through to the covers’ page. Thanks for supporting this wonderful author and cover artist!

My Cover, Maybe!

A heads up from Addison Albright (may the readers smile upon her upcoming release, Another Dream,  coming from Torquere Press on July 8th) led me to look at Alessia Brio’s website. She does a great deal of the cover art for the publisher, and while I was admiring all the pretty covers for other people’s books, look what I found!

I haven’t been officially notified, so this may not be the final, but it’s so amazing to see this worked up! It’s a little different from Dragon King’s vision, but I expected that. I’m dancing around, I’m so excited.

My cover! Whooo!