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I signed up for GayRomLit in New Orleans for October. I’m quite excited about that, since I haven’t been to a convention before, and there are all sorts of amazing people who are also going. Just think of what can happen when you get me, Eden Winters, Angela Benedetti, Marie Sexton, and Heidi Cullinan in one place.

This isn’t a bunch of writing workshops, this is hang out with readers and writers time, doing cool things in New Orleans. It’s going to be a blast! Plus, you’ll be able to see if my icon is accurate. 🙂

More details as they come available.

“Angel of Thirteenth Street” in cover contest

Elisa Rolle’s Rainbow Awards cover contest has winnowed down several hundred covers to a relative handful — only thirty. Eden Winters’ wonderful novel, “The Angel of Thirteenth Street” is still in the running. The authors may offer ideas on cover art, but otherwise have little say, so it’s wonderful that the cover of this book is just as good as the words within. Alessia Brio put this together — kudos!


Go here to vote — you don’t have to sign in at LJ — and support Eden by voting her some visibility and into the next round. It works best if you open that window twice, once for the poll and then once more to click through to the covers’ page. Thanks for supporting this wonderful author and cover artist!

Angel of 13th Street – Eden Winters

My goodness, I love this author! Another fine novel of Eden’s is out today for the public’s delectation: The Angel of 13th Street. I’ve read it, I love it, I’ll tell you why in another post, but for today, we’ll let the story speak for itself.


The Angel. That’s what the young hustlers call Noah Everett, the man who’ll help them get off the streets. Once a hustler himself, Noah doesn’t take his own good advice: “Don’t let this ruin your life.” Haunted by the past and those he couldn’t save, Noah carefully keeps others at bay until his self-imposed loneliness is shattered by determined, ambitious, but homeless eighteen-year-old Jeremy Kincaid.

A ruthless pimp has targeted Jeremy, but if Noah will fight to get anonymous young men out of the life, he’ll fight harder to keep Jeremy from getting in, even if it means making a deal with the devil. To save Jeremy, Noah risks more than just his body. He risks his soul as well, because Willie Carnell, pimp, was once Billy Cordell, Noah’s lover.

Great read, folks. Get it here.


My friend and writing partner, Eden Winters, got some stunning news these last few days. First she was notified that her novel “The Wish,” which is a delightful story, was accepted for publication, and then a few days later, her “Angel of Thirteenth Street” was also accepted! “Angel” is a grittier tale than “Wish” but both are excellent reads. I couldn’t be happier for her!