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Easter eggs on the edges

We’re all used to the idea of easter eggs in games, spots where something hidden and unexpected turns up. The trick is a lot older than we thought.


Now I have to go flip pages in every old book on my shelf, just to see if  anything amazing lurks on the very edge of each sheet. I’m not really hopeful; not a lot of my library is that old. The technique dates back to around 1650, but I think we’re looking at nineteenth century examples here.

Some books even have one picture on the forward edge and another on the rear edge. In this instance, I will concede that a print book really does have it over an ebook, and that it’s not just about the words.

And I think I might have found it already if anything in my collection was as amazing as this:


Link to more information at the Meta Picture, and thanks to the Passive Voice for bringing it to my attention.