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A new round of voting for covers at Elisa Rolle’s

Rare Event 5 star reviewElisa Rolle’s Rainbow Awards have moved on to a new round for the covers. I am delighted to say that Anne Cain’s work on The Rare Event is still in contention. So are  Carole Cummings’ Wolf’s Own covers, equally gorgeous and a totally different style. Thanks to all that voted, and would you and your buddies please do it again?

It works best to open two windows, so you can see what you’re voting on. The covers are here. and the poll is here.

The weeding down is going to get brutal from here on out: 50% of the contenders will be eliminated every two weeks until 10 remain. Since Anne captured the venue and the mood of the novel so perfectly, please support her artistry by voting to keep The Rare Event in contention.

Anne is seriously talented: she switched styles and mediums completely to do the Wolf’s Own covers. Amazing!

Please vote!

Rainbow cover contest’s latest round

Rare Event 5 star reviewElisa Rolle’s cover contest has a new round going, and I’m delighted to see that The Rare Event has made it through to the next level. I love this cover so much–Anne Cain has several entries but this one is my favorite!

If you’d like to show this or the other beautiful covers a little love, go over and vote.

It’s easiest if you open two windows. This one gives you the poll, and this one gives you the covers to drool over look at. The collected eye-candy is going to create a dent in my book budget, because even if you ought not judge a book by the cover, don’t you want to know the story that goes with the picture? And there’s a bunch of pretty ones.