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Cover reveal, whaddaya think?

I wrote a short for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group a couple of summers ago, and (I wrote one this year, more details to follow.) “The Boy Next Door” is available in the anthologies the group put together, but I haven’t had it as a standalone.

I’ve been cultivating some new skills with covers, so this little short was an obvious target. As soon as I’m sure the files are clean, I’ll be posting it at All Romance eBooks as a free gift to readers who might not want a large anthology, or who weren’t aware the story lurked within it.


What do you think?

ACK! Now I have to write its blurb.

An excerpt from Return to the Mountain

billingsgolfCryselle posted a prompt that reminded me of a section of Return from the Mountain. Gary and Seth are seniors (Seth is a super senior, poor guy) playing on the high school golf team in the little mountain town of Phippsburg. Golf teams through the high schools are surprisingly common throughout the mountain west. My little high school in Casper, Wyoming had a team comprised of teenagers much like these young men, or like Seth and Gary.

Find an excerpt from Return to the Mountain at Cryselle’s Bookshelf, and imagine a young man wanting to pat his teammate’s bottom.

Readers, we have a release date

The Dreamspinner Coming Soon page now has my name on it three times! My new novel, Return to the Mountain, is listed in both ebook and paperback, letting Gary and Seth take their place next to Kurt, Jake, Mark, and Allan. In fact, Mark, Allan, and another couple of my familiar characters have secondary roles here. Return to the Mountain stands alone, though parts of it take place in the resort town of Wapiti Creek.

To add to the fun, Cross the Mountain, a Mark and Allan short, is also there. This one will be permanently free, and it’s a gift from me and Dreamspinner to all readers of the series and to those who’d like to taste before buying a larger work.

Return to the Mountain400x600 (2) Caddy Gary Richardson hungers for the lush life of the wealthy golfers he escorts around the course at Wapiti Creek. The contrast between his tiny trailer at the edge of a mountain town and the luxurious ski and golf resort is something he’s learned to live with but not like. Gary wants the fancy condo and late-model car not just for himself but for his childhood friend turned lover, Seth Morgan. He’d settle for security for the two of them, but even that seems out of reach.

Seth is content with Gary and enough spare cash for greens fees at municipal golf courses. Going pro is beyond his means, even if he plays well enough to win on the championship resort courses. Gary would do anything to fulfill Seth’s dreams, even things he’d rather keep to himself. When an unheard of opportunity knocks, Gary can answer or resign himself to living on tips from affluent tourists.

But Seth can’t live with that answer when it means his trust has been betrayed. He has to let go and hope the man he loves will find his way home.

Cross the Mountain400x600 (2)Allan Tengerdie tumbles down easy ski slopes so often that he doesn’t believe Mark McAvoy’s assurances that he’ll enjoy cross-country skiing. Allan didn’t come to a fancy ski resort to trudge on the flats, but if a soft-in-the-middle chef has a chance to keep up with his ski patrol lover, he really ought to try.

Allan and Mark have a great time on the trails, but it’s pleasure for which Allan pays dearly. How will Mark convince him to go again?

Both stories will be available March 22, 2013, and are available for preorder now. Find all the Mountain tales at Dreamspinner.

Tweeting for freebies — Crepuscule Monstrum

The nightmare from an old painting, Crepuscule Monstrum, requires sacrifice. Merrick has been chosen. For what, he knows not, but he’s terrified until the monster–laughs.

Is he Merrick or Michael? Is Jake really Jake, or is he Crepuscule Monstrum? And is it really so awful to touch this “horrible creature”?

Contains Crepuscule Monstrum Part 1 and Crepuscule Monstrum Part 2.


Carole Cummings and I wrote a short to a picture prompt at Cryselle’s Bookshelf–an accidental collaboration as it turned out. The first part is still there at Cryselle’s review blog, but the second part is hard come by, until now.

Carole ended her section on a cliffie, with a challenge to any author who might want to finish it. I can’t leave something like that alone.

Crepuscule Monstrum Parts 1 and 2 were briefly available through Dreamspinner for the Halloween festivities, but haven’t been seen again until now. With a cover from Jared Rackler and formatting by the  staff of Rocky Ridge Press (me), we now have a unified story to offer.

Carole and I will send you your choice of PDF, ePUB, or mobi file in exchange for following us on Twitter, or if you prefer, here on the blog. Because Crys started this with her prompt pic, following her will net you a copy. Heck, follow us all, we don’t tweet much.

@PD_Singer, @cummingscarole, or @CryselleBook

What’s with the 404 error, Pam?

I’ve been a little slow to update the website, and so the question has arisen: just what is going on here? An assortment of buy links led off into the void, covers are changing without notice, and in general, my back catalog seems to be acting very strangely.

The contracts on the various stories are coming due, one at a time, and I have been recovering the rights to them. The list at the publisher’s has been shrinking, as some of you have noted. What to do next is always the question, but that depends on the particular work.

The Mountain series, as I may have mentioned, is getting a complete overhaul and tens of thousands of words of all new story, both in existing pieces and in the shorts and novels to come. You’ll see them at Dreamspinner starting in June, 2012, beginning with Fire on the Mountain. I’ve been working diligently on this project and on The Rare Event, which has left me little energy to take care of the various short stories.

Some have become free reads, complete with a new cover. Others will become available in a second edition, but I’m not promising an exact date, because of the demands of the Mountain project. When they are ready to launch, I will throw a party, and we’ll have some champagne, cake, and a good look at the new covers designed by Jared Rackler, whose work is currently the face of Fire and Snow, among others.

I have promised a selection from my backlist as a blog hop prize for any winner who doesn’t wish to wait until The Rare Event is out on March 30th, and that still holds.