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Stories on the Go

storiesonthego_6x9_front_3There was a reason I was thinking about flash fiction recently. Unfortunately, it got lost in a sea of other thoughts, like Prep Work and its naughty cover woes, and the finishing touches on A New Man.

Then Kayla Jameth came along and distracted me with nekkid athletes.

I digress. Because how about some short shorts? Suitable for reading in those five minute chunks while playing hurry up and wait. Mini-stories to read on a mini-screen.

See, I’m in an anthology with Hugh Howey and Andrew Ashling and JT Hall, and…  And 97 other authors, who span any genre you can imagine, including some gay love to go with the science fiction and the paranormal and the humor and the mystery.

Nothing over 1000 words.  Totally free.  Available anywhere you get your books.  And you want to know how I can tell a romance in less than 1000 words.

(And okay, maybe see what Hugh Howey and Jamie Campbell did with their word counts.)

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