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Another wonderful cover! Now it’s even harder to decide!

And just when I got this post up, Jared comes up with another idea!

And here’s what they look like in thumbnail.


Help! I can’t decide!

One of the lovelier problems one can have is too many good choices. I’m fighting exactly that. Trying to pick the cover for Donal agus Jimmy is wearing out my decider, so I’m putting my choices where I can see them side by side in full size and in thumbnail, because I can’t keep dithering. Both are by Jared Rackler, who does his best to translate my handwavings into art.

And here’s what they look like in thumbnail.


For those of you thinking “Haven’t I seen this before?” the answer is “possibly.” But did you read it? You’ll get another chance. Republication date TBA when I decide on a cover!