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Happy dance at Jessewave’s

SpokesI got up to find a lovely review at Jessewave’s. It’s always nervewracking to put your work out for the world; feedback like this from a picky reader takes some of the indigestion away.

In part, Lloyd said: “…This is a terrific read and I hope you treat yourself by picking it up. It’s an intelligent, interesting, emotionally satisfying story with lovable characters. Even if you’re not crazy about cycling (or even yummy cyclists’ thighs in shiny lycra), let Spokes take you for a victory lap.”

Mmm, cyclists’ thighs–see what he means?

saunaHe gave it 4.5 stars, and I will be walking about 4.5 inches about the ground for the rest of the day. Read the rest of his review here, and you can get your own copy  at Rocky Ridge Books, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks, as print and ebook (MOBI, EPUB, and PDF.)

5 Stars for Blood on the Mountain!

Blood on the Mountain PD Singer I’m still hyperventilating over Jenre’s review of Blood on the Mountain! It’s always nail-biting time when a reviewer posts, but my manicure, such as it is, is safe this time.

Part of what she said:

Overall, this book was simply delightful. The mix of quiet moments and tense action scenes made this a real page turner and we learn so much more about Kurt’s past and see his feelings about being with a closeted lover. More than that though, this is a wonderful romance with very sympathetic characters, lots of tenderness but some great sex scenes too (the strip archery was a particular favourite). If you liked Fire on the Mountain then you are going to love this one too. I did and can highly recommend Blood on the Mountain.

See the rest at Jessewave’s. And pardon the happy dance!

Blood is available from Dreamspinner, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and other fine e-tailers.

Make me spill it all


Two opportunities are a’knocking!

One is the giveaway on The Novel Approach–you could be the proud owner of a couple of Mountain books. I’m giving away paperbacks of Fire on the Mountain and Snow on the Mountain, in exchange for a comment. Come on, you know you wanna…

The other is an interview on Jessewave’s, where she’s collecting questions which I will have to answer for a post in November. If you want to know my deep dark secrets or just embarrass the hell out of me (looking at you, John!) here’s your chance to ask. Post by October 18 if you want to see me squirm.

Stars and sweetpeas, oh my!

Buh… Buh… Fire on the Mountain just came out and it’s up at Jessewave’s!

5 stars ! Whee!   Jenre summarized by saying: “A re-release of a book which is firmly on my keeper shelf, this lovely romance is bound to delight many new readers.” And she liked Kurt’s climbing story!

Mrs Condit loved all over it too:  5 sweet peas! “FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN is a sexy, entertaining story and the beautiful way Ms Singer puts words together makes it very enjoyable to read. Her research into the job of a forest ranger added details that really pulled me into the story and hooked me from the first page to the last. “

“An Almost Perfect Book”

Rare Event 5 star reviewOMG, The Rare Event was reviewed by Jessewave, and the tag line took my breath away.

An almost perfect book.

When I started breathing again, I read on, and discovered the many things she enjoyed about the book, and the reason for the qualifier. Edgar. Well, he is a horrible, horrible slime, but I did have my reasons for him. More on him another day.
But when a reviewer gives a 4.75 and says this:

This story is extraordinary, with characters that are immensely complex and pacing that is so fast I felt as if I were riding a wave that kept on building. I admired the author’s ingenuity, audacity and skill in writing a story based on the money markets that evolved into an exciting adventure and love story. The Rare Event absolutely blew me away and changed my perception of the world of hedge funds. What a coup for P.D. Singer – this is her best and most complex work to date as well as a wonderful journey into a world very few of us ever experience.

Hey! I’ll take it!

Find the rest here.

Find your copy at DreamspinnerAmazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance eBooks.