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About That Party

We’re going to have that party after all! It turns out that I’m driving the Torquere Live Journal on Wednesday, July 21, so we’ll call that the average of the anniversaries and get downright silly. I’ll post a link so we can all babble in one place with readers, writers, and anyone who likes to yack along.

I’ll bring the margaritas, the sodas, some goodies to give away, my turbo typing for a prompt-fic, and anything else I can think of. Cute guys, yeah, we need some cute guys! I’ll bring

Mark with me. Then you can see who I used for an avatar for Allan, and for Kurt, Jake, Jorey, Keith, Dante, Hugh, and Stephen. We’ll need some hot dogs, chips, and people to play with.

It will be here then, and there will be other people to play with until that date.

Semilaxative for Semicolons

After being knee-deep in edits for the last week, I am nearly ready to send the corrected file back to Vincent. Funny how two little sentences: “please pull some of those ‘as’ constructions” and “fewer semicolons, please” added up to hours of work. It’s all getting more real-requests for art work and writing marketing blurbs have taken it to entirely new levels of reality. Then Michelle asks, “who wants LJ host dates?” and I realize–I DO! Someone faster got the actual release date, but I have the Sunday before and the Saturday after, and a bit of time to figure out what I’m going to say. Something as delightfully twisted as Mara’s Ninja Pirate Ballet Company is probably not going to happen.  It’s a neat way to get my name and story out in the public eye, so I want to do something unusual.

Eyes calendar: July 22 is 2 months to the day away!