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The French-fried Stickleback, otters, and me

KoiFor years, I’ve watched the hullabaloo around NaNo, but never dipped my toes in. Authors I’ve known, such as Mara Ismine, who regularly manage a double NaNo, always intimidate me right out of the game. Since I have been known to emit thousands of words a day, perhaps it’s time. I can do it once in a while. Can I string a bunch of once in a whiles together?

The NaNo book is code-named The Tale of the French-fried Stickleback. As a working title, I’ve had worse. Maybe. “Every Inch a Man” provoked unseemly laughter.  A native Colorado species is the fish bone of contention, and when confronted with the Nano screen, I couldn’t for the life of me recall the correct name.  It’s fiction–I made one up.

This will be the second story with my otter shifter, Lon, and his boyfriend, economics professor Corey, who now have last names and a koi pond and werewolves in the office.

Day five, and I’m 10,300 words into it, and I’m having fun. That what otters do.

Here’s where Lon and Corey started:

TailslideFinal200x300Fresh powder snow and running water in the Colorado back country call Lon like the moon calls the wolves. Belly-sliding to a good time on the weekends makes up for a workweek at a desk, and meeting Corey adds a whole new level of fun to snowboarding.

It’s easy to slip away for time alone in the the woods without raising suspicion, but how’s Lon to entertain himself when bad snow and a worse spill force them off the mountain too early?

Never give an otter a box of Cheerios.

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